Need to Know Things About Bone Saw Machines

People are now changing with the evolving world. Nowadays most people depend on machines and technology to simplify their work. No butcher is willing to cut bones from meat with their hands anymore.

A bone saw machine is an appliance designed for cutting meat and bones into small manageable pieces. This machine can be used to cut various types of meat. This includes fish, poultry, and frozen meat from whole cattle, sheep goats, etc.

FEST bone saw machine

How to use a bone saw machine

Although learning to use a bone machine is quite easy it can be rather dangerous for those who don’t know how to operate it properly. A bone saw machine should be installed over firm working ground. Ensure that your machine has the right voltage of 110V or 220 V. When adjusting your blades make sure it is in accordance with the meat to be cut. To adjust turn the handle anticlockwise to allow vertical movement. You should ensure that the guide is as close to the upper part of the meat as possible without impeaching its free movement. To end the adjustment turn the blade clockwise to stop the guide at the needed position.

Things to avoid when operating a bone saw machine

As I stated earlier operating a bone saw machine can be very dangerous if not handled carefully. The following are some things to ensure while using a bone saw machine:

  • Your hand should never be placed in front of the blade to push the meat being cut.
  • While cleaning the machine ensure that it is switched off on the electricity source. Ensure that the saw is completely off before cleaning it.
  • Avoid operating the machine with long hair loose. If the hair is caught by the saw it could cause fatal accidents.
  • Make sure that your floors are water-free and not slippery to avoid any accidents. Any solutions like acids, salt, sterilizing, and disinfectants should be kept away from your bone saw machine to avoid corrosion.

Current bone saw machine prices in Kenya

Bone saw machine price in Kenya will vary from one seller to another. Just like when buying other products you will find that the prices will tend to change from one seller to the other. Apart from the above reason, the prices may be different due to the various brands currently in the market. The current highest price of an electric bone saw machine is around Ksh.110000, while the current average price ranges from Ksh. 50000 to Ksh. 85000. The lowest price of an electric bone saw machine is currently around Ksh.30000. Bone saw machines can also include those that are operated manually. The current prices for manual saws range from Ksh. 1500 to Ksh 5000.


A bone saw machine just like any other machine is both highly useful and dangerous. Before operating the machine learn and understand how to operate it safely.

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