Must-have items for tea lovers

6 items no tea lover should have to live without

Tea lovers are the best people to buy presents for. Get them a cute mug and they’re happy. Get them a nice bag of loose leaf tea and they’re over the moon. Even a voucher to a local tea house will have them beaming from ear to ear.

But, if you’re anything like us, you like getting presents that will blow someone’s socks off. Well, if you are looking to buy the perfect present for a tea lover then you have come to the right place.

#1- A gravity tea steeper

Anyone who drinks loose leaf tea needs an anti-gravity steeper in their life. The concept was created by Australian tea brand T2 (Tea Too), but has since been picked up by many other tea brands.

Simply pour your hot water and loose leaf tea into the top of the steeper. Leave the tea to brew for the appropriate amount of time. Then place the strainer on the top of an empty cup. Putting the strainer on the cup will release the seal and perfectly leaf-free tea will strain into the mug.

The strainer stops pouring as soon as you pick it up, so you will never make a mess.

#2- A handmade matcha bowl

Making matcha using a bowl and whisk is an ancient Japanese tradition and it is now practiced by tea lovers across the world.

If you know someone who loves matcha, why not get them a handmade matcha bowl. They can be found online or at your local tea shop. You may want to get a handmade matcha whisk to go with it.

The bowls are designed to reflect Buddhist philosophy and the whisks are cut by hand. A good bamboo whisk will have 72 razor-thin prongs that are cut from one piece of bamboo.

#3 – A stunning tea cosy

If tea isn’t an essential part of your life then the idea of a tea cosy might sound a bit antiquated. Why would you need a wooly jumper for your teapot or teacup? Can’t you just drink it while it’s warm?

Sadly, life isn’t always that kind. You get busy, you get distracted, and before you know it your tea has gone cold. With this cute blue tea cosy, that will never happen again.

Over the last 300+ years, the tea cosy has appeared in many forms. It began as a project for housewives to sew. Since then people have made metal tea cosies, kitsch tea cosies (we once saw knitted tea cosy that looked like a village fete), space-inspired tea cosies, and much, much more.

#4 – A thermal tea flask

Thermal flasks have been around for decades, but as tea is becoming more fashionable again, we are starting to see more attractive thermal flasks entering the market.

A good thermal tea flask should have a double wall, a vent to release steam,  and a loose leaf strainer attached to the lid.

You should also make sure that the flask has a non-toxic coating on the inside so that it doesn’t change the flavor or the color of the tea. This is especially important if the person you are giving it to likes yellow or white tea.

#5 – A bamboo teaspoon (and tea tin)

This might sound like a really boring gift, but for anyone who loves tea, an airtight tin and a bamboo spoon are the height of excitement.

Why are bamboo spoons so good? Well, did you know that every time you touch your tea with a metal spoon you change the flavor? It’s true! So, you can permanently change the taste of your tea by storing it with a metal spoon. Bamboo, on the other hand, is flavor neutral. And on top of that, bamboo will soak up any of the moisture in the tin, keeping it fresher for longer.

An airtight tin with a coating on the inside will also help to keep your tea fresher for longer.

#6 – A tea advent calendar

What’s better than getting a tea lover one new type of tea? Getting them 24 new types of tea! And you thought Christmas couldn’t get any better.

A traditional tea advent calendar will have 1-2 cups worth of tea behind each door and a new flavor every day. This is a great way for a tea lover to get to know a brand. And if they don’t like one of the flavors then they aren’t stuck with a lot of it.

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