Must Have Furnishings For Your Conservatory

The conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home or property. It gives you a place to lounge in the summer sunshine, and equally a place to relax when there’s some light rain – the light pattering of rain on the roof is your own personal ASMR.

But when you first get a conservatory, it can be hard to know how to decorate it. Equally, when deciding to give your home a new look, the conservatory always proves to be a difficult room to figure out.

Do you leave it open and spacious for hosting guests? Or turn it into a place you can doze off reading your favourite romance novel?

In today’s article, we will look at some must have furnishings to really make your conservatory pop!

2-Seater Sofas

The 2-seater sofa feels like it was designed for spaces like the conservatory. They are large enough that you can lounge with reasonable ease and comfort, but small enough that they don’t hog too much space.

Tucking a pleasant 2-seater sofa away into a corner of the conservatory can give you that relaxation space every conservatory needs. But don’t just pick up any old thing. Getting something of a high quality that’ll last, and look magnificent, is the way to go.

If you are stuck for ideas, Hampton and McMurray have an excellent range to choose from. Craft that perfect place to relax.

More Exotic Plant Life

Due to the amount of light a conservatory gets, it is ideal for giving some more exotic plant life a place to live.

If you are more of a hands off, water occasionally kind of plant, then some cacti varieties or Sago palms are good choices to add some vibrancy to your conservatory space.

If you don’t mind a little more maintenance, you could even go for Olive plants (yes, a real Olive plant), a Rubber tree plant, Fishtail palms and more.

Do a little digging and see what kind of plants you can find.

A Centrepiece

If going for a more homely feel, cottage core kind of aesthetic, then a centrepiece for the conservatory will always go down well.

There are many things you could use but some common furnishings include coffee tables, high-quality rugs, and some people even like to go for things like bird bath tables or a statue ornament for purely decorative functions.

It is all down to your own personal preference and what you think will work with your home design.

Design Elements

As a last piece of advice, it is important that you take into consideration the fact that sunlight will most likely be constant during the day. This means it can get very hot and you need to be mindful of what colours you use.

For instance, darker colours will warm up surfaces and on extremely hot days – make them difficult to use. For this reason, try to keep to soft, light colours to minimise this effect.

No point having a great looking 2 seater, black leather sofa if it’ll burn you during the summer months.

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