Monitoring Employee in a Corporate Environment

As the name suggests, the remote employee monitoring software is used to track employee computers activities to identify potential threats, training and performance analysis. These results can help an organization improve its employee’s performance and also eliminate insider threats.

Employee monitoring softwares can easily monitor and track all the activities of a computer user. It can include recording current running programs, websites visited, emails, activities over social media etc., during the working hour. According to recent research, approximately 80% of employers use some dedicated software to monitor employees in developed countries like the USA.

Nowadays, modern softwares not only monitors employee activity but also optimizes labour productivity. It allows managers to use its functionality for controlling their subordinates, senior managers to analyze business processes, system administrators to protect data and control access, HR specialists to control attendance.

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Types of employee tracking software

Usually, an employee tracking solution consists of three parts:

  1. Grabber Application: These softwares can be installed on a Laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, terminal etc.
  2. Server Application: These solutions are installed on a local network in the cloud.
  3. Viewer Application: It is used to view the processed information and is available as an application or a website.

Nowadays, these solutions can also feature a GPS tracker, motion sensors, and smart cards. However, the most common techniques to track employee behaviour includes:

App Usage Tracking

By tracking and analyzing the softwares used on the work computer, an organization can understand what employees spend their working hours on. It can help them better understand which softwares is productive and which is not, which documents and files employees mostly work with. This helps managers understand and decide to block or restrict access to certain softwares and websites.

Tracking Internet Activity

According to a recent survey, around 55% of employees admitted using the Internet during work hours for non-work purposes. To solve this problem, employers use websites tracking softwares, blacklists and whitelists URLs and IP addresses. Modern employee computer monitoring software also includes an OCR module for analyzing the web content of web pages in real-time. In addition, these software can also classify sites into productive and unproductive and dangerous and safe.

Email tracking

Monitoring employees’ correspondence is one of the most effective techniques to detect and prevent data leaks. In addition, it can also help an organization get an idea about which employees are dissatisfied with the work before becoming a problem for the enterprise. Recent research suggested that about 85% of the workers use their work email for personal purposes while working. Correspondence control and monitoring become essential for businesses dealing in sales, service, and marketing.

Keystroke recording

Keylogging is one of the most effective methods for getting a clear idea about employees’ daily activities, their attitude toward work, productivity, and professionalism. Employee monitoring software can also help an organization find potentially dangerous keywords in these texts. However, it is an organizational responsibility to make its employees aware of the use of this kind of softwares. When used incorrectly, these keyloggers can violate employees’ basic rights by collecting personal information like bank card details, passwords, etc.

Tracking social media networks and messengers

In the absence of tracking and monitoring software, social media can be detrimental to productivity. Also, employees can use messengers to share confidential data of the organization. Therefore, employers should block or limit the time of use of such websites. Today, modern tracking softwares can easily block chats having inappropriate language or confidential keywords and send notifications when an employee tries to contact certain people or upload confidential data.

Audio recording and screen recording

Organizations dealing with security and finances can also utilize monitoring softwares for capturing everything that happens on the screen in a specified repetition. If the organization mostly deals via calls, all audio can be recorded as well.

Tracking remote employees

Nowadays, more and more people are joining the remote working revolution, but they require special attention. Usually, these workers work from different time zones and use their own devices. It can create a problem for both organization’s safety and payroll. Computer monitoring software for employees can track working hours and assign specific rules for control access to the enterprise resources.

Purpose of using employee tracking software

Improves productivity

The employee tracking software can help an organization easily identify how conscientiously does the staff complete their job? How much time do they spend on social media? Who is the best employee in the team? These softwares work throughout the day and then processes the data for generating reports:

  • Time spent on work and non-work-related responsibilities.
  • Which sites and applications are least productive and obstructing the workflow.

Get rid of the routine

Usually, managers and team leaders spend a lot of their time on non-urgent issues like attendance, recording hours worked, planning, sharing files, calculating bonuses and fines, etc. With the right kind of softwares, an organization can easily automate such tasks. For example:

  • Modern softwares allows an organization to easily set up a work schedule for the businesses as a whole, for a specific team, or individually as per employees responsibility.
  • It can automatically track attendance, working hours, breaks, absenteeism, overtime etc.
  • While collaborating with a freelancer, companies can receive and store data about the time worked and subsequent cost.
  • Efficiently identify lagging and effective employees.

Get interested in work

Once in a while, even the most dedicated employee can deviate from his usual work routine. There can be multiple reasons behind this, like lack of motivation, incentives or excessive control. These cases require behaviour analysis, and monitoring softwares can easily track the activity of employees throughout the day as well as analyze this data so that organization can understand:

  • How much time do they spend in meetings?
  • How many hours per day are your employees active?
  • How long does social media and games take?
  • How long does business correspondence take?
  • How often do they take breaks for themselves?

Once an organization finds the reason for the decreased efficiency, they can find a way to eliminate it.  For example, companies can shorten their meeting time and also replace email with instant messaging services. For lazy employees- they can prepare individual performance development plans, etc.

About the Company: Employee computer monitoring softwares from Igzy can easily track all your employees’ activity at the computer: visiting websites, launching programs, correspondence, keystrokes, working with files and printing documents. In addition, they also allow them to monitor and record working hours as well as analyze workers’ behaviour.

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