Meeting the ADA Compliance Standards: How to Go About It

When it comes to running a business, it’s only natural to make accommodations for those with disabilities. For example, a dining establishment might have a ramp for those on wheelchairs, or perhaps they might have braille on their menus for those with vision problems. With the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the same thing applies to the online space. Building an ADA compliance website is a crucial part of business management, as the consequences of not being compliant could be more than a company can bear.

That said, ADA website compliance is not necessarily clear-cut. It’s easy to get confused, as many company owners out there have next to no experience when building a website. Even the companies that don’t necessarily fall under ADA would do well to follow the guidelines, as it opens the door for all sorts of opportunities.

The ADA isn’t just about protecting those with disabilities from discrimination. It also offers opportunities for some companies to connect with a brand new audience. It not only protects those with discrimination, but ADA web compliance is one of the easiest ways a business can build its audience. Here’s how to go about meeting ADA compliance standards.

  • Transcription services are a must

First and foremost, company owners would do well to use transcription services when developing video content. After all, not everyone can follow video lectures — even adverts are challenging to follow for those with disabilities. It’s the reason why transcription is a great first step for any business that wants to keep its website compliant.

  • Audio description services can help you go the extra mile

Aside from having transcription for those that might not have an easy time hearing videos, audio description offers a more accessible experience for those with vision problems. The combination of transcription and audio description ensures that the company’s videos are as easy to follow as possible.

  • Alt tags matter when it comes to ADA web compliance

No matter what type of content is placed on the company website, it would be wise to have alt tags for video, audio, images, and more. That way, those whose disabilities hinder them from experiencing content the usual way have a means of following and enjoying the website. It’s similar to adding transcription and audio description, only this time it’s about adding alternative ways of experiencing images and other types of web content.

  • Easy navigation is the key

When thinking about the many ways a company owner can make their website compliant with ADA, one of the golden rules is to keep things simple and easy to navigate. If online users have an easy time navigating the primary site, it will make them much more likely to purchase the company’s products. An accessible website also has the added benefit of making it easier for those with disabilities, opening the door for many more opportunities.

Fortunately, there’s no reason to tackle minimalist web design without professional help. There are many web design companies available that specialize in minimalist web design. They are also well versed in ADA, ensuring that even the most inexperienced company owner increases their odds of success.

  • Alternative solutions for input errors are crucial

Input errors are relatively commonplace for those with disabilities, which is why it’s best to provide alternative solutions. A website can be designed in such a way that it offers different recommendations based on the input error. For example, personalizing the “Page not found” error is one of the best ways of making the website accessible and compliant. Those with disabilities will often have to navigate websites differently, and it’s up to the company to ensure that alternatives are open to them. 


One of the best parts about making a website ADA compliant is that it can be rather fun to think of alternatives. It’s similar to having healthier ingredients ready for those with food allergies. It feels like an afterthought, but it’s something that will undoubtedly improve one’s business.

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