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Throughout our life we all have stories and life lessons that we want to share with others. Shay razaei is an example of such a story. She grew up with a family and experienced a lot of life events. Some of these events are family life, name meaning and suicide. We want to learn about her life and why she did what she did.

Life story

During the past few weeks, we’ve learned that Australian reality star Shay Razaei passed away at the young age of 33. Although the official cause of death is not yet known, there are reports that the star of the Instant Hotel may have taken an unplanned shortcut to her demise. Nonetheless, this was a heartbreaking loss to a woman who was a rising star and one who deserved to be immortalized in the media.

Razaei was best known for her appearance on the reality show Instant Hotel, a show which originally aired on Channel Seven but which has been picked up by Netflix. The show aired in early December and became a popular staple on the streaming service. Aside from Shay, the cast also includes former The X Factor winner Luke Jacobz and reality TV star Scheana Marie.

Instant Hotel days

‘Instant Hotel’ star Shay Razaei has died at age 33, according to her former co-star Mikey Gelo. Razaei was a former contestant on the Australian reality TV show. According to Gelo, Shay died of an apparent accidental overdose.

Instant Hotel is an Australian reality TV series that follows a group of homeowners who convert their homes into hotels. The show premiered on Seven Network in November and was later sold to Netflix. It is now being aired worldwide as an original series.

Shay Razaei was an Australian citizen and the star of Instant Hotel. In the series, Razaei struggled with her fame and personal heartbreak. She lost her best friend, her stepsister, and her fiance. She also suffered from cyberbullying from fellow contestants.

Family life

Whether you’re a fan of Shay Razaei or not, you’ve probably seen her starring in the hit Netflix series Instant Hotel. While the show itself is no doubt a good time, the cast members are no doubt dealing with real life adversities. And it’s not surprising that some of them have been in the news recently. Shay’s best friend and fiance, for instance, lost his life in a freak accident.

However, a recent study has uncovered that the reality TV show has its downsides. The study compiled a list of 38 documented suicides involving reality TV cast members. It also found the best time to watch reality TV is during the daytime, with the number of reported deaths rising over the years.

Death by suicide

Speculation is growing about Shay Razaei’s death by suicide. The 33-year-old Australian model and actor was a contestant on the reality series Instant Hotel. She died in China, reports say. The show, which was originally aired on Channel Seven, has recently been picked up by Netflix. This has caused a global fan base for the show.

Razaei was reportedly engaged to Tamim, who drowned in Mammoth Lakes, California, prior to auditioning for Instant Hotel. She was flooded with condolence messages on her Instagram page. The cause of death is unknown, but she was suffering from a real emotional pain.


She had been engaged to Tamim for over a year, and was in love with Mikey Gelo, a former contestant on Instant Hotel. Gelo has told Daily Mail Australia that he heard about Razaei’s death from a friend. He also believes that she died from an accidental overdose.

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