Massage center tips to help your business amid Covid-19

Covid-19 has definitely put a strain on remote and physical businesses as with the contact restrictions some of these businesses are having a hard time thriving or even keeping the gates open. One such enterprise struck hard by Covid-19 is the massage centers. As it purely involves massage therapists having close contact with the person they are massaging, things haven’t been very smooth. But even during these hard times, businesses have got to learn the art of surviving and to do so following tips should be adopted and upheld to keep things running smoothly in these times of Pandemic;

1. Eliminate any unnecessary contact

The first thing that you need to do is to eliminate any unnecessary contact as Covid-19 thrives on contact and can become a nuisance if people are not practicing social distancing. To do so you can make the checkout process rather contactless by disappearing the front desk altogether and facilitating checkout for people via digital means. Other than that the waiting area can also be turned into a digital ground where people can check in with the massage center for appointments and only coming for a massage around their time of appointment as it will definitely keep from the unnecessary contact.

2. Pre-boking should be your battle cry

There is nothing sleeker or smarter when it comes to avoiding gathering and thus a chance for the pandemic to latch onto people than pre-booking or asking for an appointment over the phone. To make it happen you need to run a small campaign on social media channels as well as physically by handing out flyers and putting up stickers that your business facilitates pre-booking and it is the only way that people would be facilitated. This way the hurling storm of customers every single day only storming through the front gates for an appointment could be controlled and the whole process could be made more streamlined and digital.

3. Keeping it clean

Last but not least there is going to be some gathering at your massage center given people want to get a massage nonetheless, therefore, you need to make sure that everything stays neat and clean. It doesn’t matter what kind of massage someone walks in for it could be a normal massage or a 스웨디시 as well so what you need to do is to prepare around and it and stock in the massage room with the necessary items. This could save you a considerable amount of time and keep the haphazardness to its minimal, the endpoint is that there would hardly be any delays and misconceptions to fill your waiting room with unnecessary people waiting for their appointment and it will keep things moving on at a steady pace.

If it seems feasible you can also ask your employees to serve your customers in terms of the house visits as it will definitely keep the crowd strain out of your doors. Sure you can charge a little extra for that and make your operations as remote and virtual as possible.

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