Marketing and stickers: a match made in heaven

Ahh, marketing. It’s a funny thing. One day you think you’ve mastered it, and the next, you’re worrying you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing.

That’s why many consider marketing to be somewhat a dark art.

It’s difficult to truly understand where your customers are coming from, which piece of content nudged them into making a purchase decision, and even where they heard about you in the first place.

So we want to talk about a few ideas of how are you can market your business using something a little different: stickers.

It’s not Google Ads, Facebook ads, or social media. However, it can influence all of these channels and help boost engagement, lower cost per acquisition, and ultimately help grow your business. 

Here’s the first idea!

Boost engagement on social media

There’s nothing quite like a giveaway to boost your social media engagement and get a bunch of followers.

But what to giveaway? 

Stickers, of course! Everyone loves stickers, and you know why they make such a good gift? They are really low cost but are perceived to be a higher value.

Stickers work exceptionally well if you’re a service-based organization and don’t have a product to give away. You can run a competition to win a bunch of stickers and maybe some other cool merch, and your followers will go wild. 

Create content for Facebook

Advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, tick-tock all require beautiful, visual content to create an effective ad campaign.

Because of what they sell, some businesses find it challenging to pull this creative together. Something like a sticker, which is a highly visual thing, can help create this content for you. 

Just look at this image of a custom sticker. It’s incredible and will get a lot of people to stop scrolling. 

Boost your brand word of mouth

Word-of-mouth is widely recognized to be one of those powerful ways of growing a business.

Marketing teams worldwide rack their brains to work out ways to boost this word-of-mouth through campaigns called referral schemes. 

Stickers, especially beautiful holographic stickers like the ones in the image above, can help boost word-of-mouth in 2 ways. 

The first is getting your brand in front of customers by adding stickers to your packages.

Your customers end up sticking these to their laptop or phone and therefore seeing your brand very regularly. This keeps you front of mind, and consequently, they’re more likely to recommend you to their network. 

The second way stickers can help boost word-of-mouth is by using them to incentivize a referral.

You can offer your customers a bunch of free stickers after someone they have referred makes a purchase. Referral schemes can be one of the lowest cost per acquisition of any channel, so it’s well worth trying.

Try some Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing campaigns use unconventional tactics to communicate your message. It’s not something you might have thought of before, but stickers can be the perfect medium to get your brand across.

Just take this image of a huge dog stuck to the floor of a public area. It looks like the dog has fleas when viewed from upper floors, but adjust the people walking over the floor. How effective is this!

It arouses emotion and helps to anchor your brand in people’s minds. And this is the beauty of gorilla marketing and why it can be so effective. 

Final thoughts

To summarize, we think custom stickers can turbocharge your current and new marketing campaigns to give incredible results, better than you’ve ever had before!

Getting custom stickers is simple, easy, and low-cost, so well worth trying for your next marketing campaign.

We hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any questions, please leave them below.

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