Manage Your Workspace Virtually with One Powerful Software Tool

Managers are tasked with creating and managing a sharable workspace to enhance employee productivity while decreasing costs in the business. Proper management of a workspace increases office space demand, improves intra-office demand, and facilitates a better co-working performance. To maximize these benefits, you need office space software.

What is Office Space software?

Office space software is an innovative cloud-based platform that enables users to allocate workspace for efficiency in administrative tasks. The software is designed to simplify and automate complex tasks of relocation and organizational moves, especially for large companies.

Why use office space software?

Unlike other solutions which limit the changes you can make in your workplace, office space management software gives an intuitive experience, allows for testing of seating arrangements, and manages requests, rooms, moves, and desk setting among others.

The software is designed to serve all businesses whether big or small. It also works well on various operating systems, which makes it easy to adopt into your business.

What are the features of office space software?


Desk booking

The software makes it easier for employees to book a desk when they need it. The availability indicator shows whether or not the desk is occupied or booked.

Space planning

Office space software has a scenario planning tool that provides for easy creation of efficient floor plans and effective reorganization of existing teams for optimum task achievement. You can utilize your workspace in the best way with smart desk booking management offered by office space software.

The distancing planner tool simplifies social distancing in your workplace by generating safe and accurate distances for the seating plans. This promotes a healthy working environment, especially in this Covid-19 era.

Notification alert

The software alerts employees of all ongoing departmental and team meetings. It also helps in event and facility scheduling. You can then access the events calendar to allow for proper event planning beforehand.

Visual directory

This feature enables employees to connect with the workplace in real-time. They can access books, reports, and documents they need. This ensures people remain engaged and productive even when they are away from the workplace. Moreover, this feature ensures that workspace is utilized with the employees that need it most.

Change management

Moves in a business can be very stressful. office space software removes complexity from management changes. The software provides for resource tracking and automates communication of the changes. The intelligent tools in the software create interactive floor plans and utilize reports to make intuitive moves.

Scenario planning

You can make faster and smarter changes in your business using office space software. Scenarios provide an excellent way to reconfigure space in your facility. You can experiment on different floor plans by collaborating with your team to establish the most suitable for your business.

Stack plans

You can quickly reorganize seating plans for departments and teams throughout the organization with the aid of the stack plans feature. The block and stack technology makes extensive changes simpler.

Access to reports

You can access portfolio data and identify any underutilized workspace. The reports allow you to easily determine any waste in your budget so you can make swift improvements.

Get your office space software today!

Office space software is the best tool in planning and managing your workspace virtually. Get the software today to better your workplace arrangement and experience more significant growth in your business.

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