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Make-Up Tips for Wedding Photography

When you have a wedding, you will want to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The venue, the dress, and the makeup will need to look amazing. You have to work with the best makeup experts to help you look your best.

Here are fabulous makeup tips for wedding photography.

1. Avoid specialized skincare routine before the big day

You should try to avoid a specialized routine for skincare the night before your big day because this affects your wedding photography outcome. It’s recommended that you stick to your cleansing regime. Any new product that your skin is not used to should be avoided. This is because it’s capable of causing some irritation. Use your everyday cleanser and follow it with a gentle night cream.

2. Get a trial about 3 weeks before your wedding day

Do a trial two or three weeks before your big day. If you are planning to use a fake tan for that day, then, there is a need to have a test run before your make up the trial. Let your makeup artist look at your skin before choosing the right tan and coming with it. The professional makeup artist will be able to figure out how your skin looks like with different forms of tan before helping to choose the right one for you.

3. Don’t get your makeup done in a fluorescent-lit room

Makeups look different in fluorescent lighting, so you have to get a room that is properly lit, or choose a location that is supplied with natural light. Look for the right place so that by the time the makeup artist comes for a test run at your home, you will have got prepared. This helps to save, while also making it easier for the makeup artist.

4. Wear a t-shirt that resembles your dress

While doing a makeup trial, make sure that you wear a t-shirt that is similar in color to your wedding dress. This makes it easier to appreciate how you will be looking in your big day’s colors while wearing your makeup. Take as many pictures as possible in plain daylight and check to find out how it looks. This will help you make the right decision regarding the makeup that you will be using.

5. Bring some references to your trial

Before the trial day, you need to look for references that you will use during your trial day. Consider your skin color and look for photos that resemble your skin. You can look for as many reference photos online as possible, and you can discuss this with your makeup artist before narrowing down your choice to a few of those pictures.

6. Give preference to waterproof products

At your wedding, you might tear up, and this should never ruin your makeup. Try using waterproof products because they will not get ruined by tears, or even by sweat if there is excess heat on your wedding day.Damian Krzyz , Owner, Nanshy

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