Luxury Home Renovation Services and Their Challenges: Astaneh Construction Experts Discuss

Robert Montgomery says, “Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.” We cannot agree more as a popular home and kitchen renovation company in Toronto. To every homeowner, his/her abode is the best. However, as we speak of luxury home renovation Toronto services, we want to highlight that every home is different. The residents, their lifestyles, their average age groups, and regular functionalities in the house make all the differences. Besides, we, at Astaneh Construction have faced many challenges while rendering luxury home and kitchen renovation services. 

  • Astaneh Construction is Ready to Tackle all Home and Kitchen Renovation Challenges: 

We thought of sharing the challenges with you. At the same time, we want to assure you that no challenge is big enough for us. With our expertise, and years of experience, we can take care of all your home renovation Toronto requirements. Besides, we only use the best quality material and have the most efficient team of labourers, and hence Astaneh Construction has achieved the topmost Google ranking as a home renovation company in GTA. 

So, without much ado, let’s find out the challenges and the solutions 

  • Every Home Renovation Toronto Service is Different: 

As mentioned before, every home renovation Toronto service comes with unique challenges. First of all, the scope of services in the home, bathroom, basement, and kitchen renovation is not always clear to the homeowners. They may have their unique ideas, and requirements. However, at Astaneh Construction, we try to make the homeowners understand the importance of proper planning. 

We make it a point to visit every site and listen to our client’s ideas and requirements. Then, we share our expert suggestions and chalk out a proper project plan, along with budgeting. Budgeting is very crucial to avoid dissatisfaction at any stage of the renovation work. Besides, we encourage two-way communication throughout the process to keep our clients informed about even the slightest change in the course of action. Further, we take care of all legal permits and safety measures for the smooth execution of the plan. 

You can stay assured of complete satisfaction with Astaneh Construction, as we have just won the CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD of 2021 for high-quality home and kitchen renovation services. 

  • Proper Filling and Approval of Licences and Permits are Crucial

As your luxury home renovation Toronto partner, we want to highlight a few challenges that may occur in getting the required licenses and permits. Firstly, we have all the licenses and certifications for rendering luxury home renovation services. Secondly, depending upon the type and complexity of the renovation work, you may need permits and approvals from the concerned authorities. 

The process of approval may take from a few weeks to few months if the filling is not done properly. We at Astaneh Construction, make sure that all the approvals and permits are in place before starting your home and kitchen renovation project. Besides, we use the best quality materials as per industry standards, and maintain the design aesthetics to suit the cultural, historical, and architectural status of the building to be remodelled. To put it simply, we ensure that no problem occurs in getting the permits from the concerned authorities. 

  • Improper Structural Work Can be a Concern: 

Our home renovation Toronto experts often face the proper of inadequate structural work while renovating an old building. Building construction materials, techniques, and processes keep changing rapidly. So, a 19th century or 20th-century building may have certain problem points, such as balloon framing. In such cases, added expertise, experience, and safety measures are required. For example, in balloon framing, there will be a hollow cavity starting from the foundation and ending to the roof. Besides, often, there are no platforms that will segregate structural beams of each floor. 

Further, in old buildings, there are chances of moisture accumulation, making the renovation work all the more difficult. Some other possible problems in re-structuring an old building are:

  1. Obsolete insulation techniques and structures
  2. Unlevelled floors
  3. Buckling Beams, etc. 

However, we take all necessary arrangements with proper planning and safety measures to spruce up old buildings. We ensure that the core aesthetics of your building is not adulterated, but it becomes a more functional space. Often, minor changes here and there with a transformed basement or an outdoor patio can uplift the look and functionality of your space. Further, we render luxury home renovation Toronto services that can increase the resale value of your property

  • Exceeding Budget and Timeline can Pose Problems in Home and Kitchen Renovation

Many homeowners understand the importance of hiring a reputable home renovation company only when the project is getting delayed, or the budget is exceeding unbelievably. These problems only occur when there is a lack of planning, insight, and necessary paper works. The building rules, regulations, and insurance costs while renovating a luxurious home can further add to your pre-decided budget. 

However, when you hire us, we make sure that we keep you aware of all the expenses to be handled. We also make it a point to communicate with you clearly, and we don’t keep any charges hidden from you. Depending on the material used, we usually charge $100-200 per square ft. for full home renovation. 

Again, we consider factors, such as the quality of the countertop, cabinet sizes, and additional fixtures during kitchen remodelling. And, our charges for the same vary from $40,000 to $150,000. 

  • Dealing with Various Associations: 

Proper interpretation of your home renovation requirement is important to get a nod from the homeowner’s associations and other authorities in Toronto. Depending upon the local rules and regulations, getting approval may be a pain-stricken process in many localities. However, we help every homeowner to devise a proper and detailed plan for getting the approval without any hassle and delay. 

  • Conclusion: 

Astaneh Construction has been offering the best home and kitchen remodelling solutions to homeowners in Toronto. We understand your specific requirements, and leave no stone unturned to transform your home into an aesthetic, happy, and functional space. So, if you are in need of a luxury home renovation service, choose us and enjoy complete peace of mind. 

At home, everyone enjoys a little luxury. You may need a lot of it. It is possible to make major improvements to your home, or just add some features at a time to raise its appeal. Astaneh construction is Googles Top-Ranked home renovation company in GTA, offering the full range of top-quality kitchen and home renovations in Toronto. You will be happy to know that the company just won the Consumer Choice Award of 2021.  For more information on luxury home renovation Toronto ideas, please feel free to contact Astaneh Construction.    

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