Long distance moving: what shall you do

Long-distance moving requires very careful, even meticulous planning. Moving to another state or even country is stressful as it is, so having a to-do list can reduce stress a little bit. You can roughly use the following list of actions:

Sort your stuff

Sort through all the things in the house. Don’t regret getting rid of torn clothes, broken appliances, expired cosmetics or household chemicals or food which will expire soon. Do not hesitate discarding the bottle where one third of the content left. It also makes sense to throw away things which can be bought at the new place for less than 20$. Clothes that you are tired of can be sold, gifted or donated, as well as decorative items – just make sure that they are in a good condition. You can also find a temporary storage place for things that can be picked up later.

Choose your moving company

Long-distance moving is best left to professionals. There are several moving companies in every city, so there’s a variety to choose from. You would want to hire a company with a good reputation and customer reviews. To compare the price, you can get a quote from different companies. You can visit site of Paramount Moving company to seek help in Calgary. After making sure that the company meets all your needs and signing

Get ready for packing

Purchase enough boxes, packing paper, plastic wrap and bubble wrap, as well as rope and tape, either on your own or with a shipping company. Carefully and tightly pack things into boxes. Remember that house plants need special containers, heavy items should be at the bottom of the box, and fragile items need separate labeling and extra protection. Appliances may need a moving blanket or extra protection. Make sure all chemical bottles and cosmetic bottles are tightly closed and secure their caps. After packing, label the contents of each box and sign which room it belongs to – this will make unpacking easier and faster.


On the day of the move, wait for the moving company truck and make sure the movers took all the boxes. After that, clean the house you are leaving behind. Make sure that you complete all contracts for drainage, electricity, etc. After that, you can go to a new place.

At a new place, first of all, you should unpack the kitchen and install the bed. The process of settling into a new home is gradual, but we’re sure that with good planning you won’t be too nervous about the whole moving event and settling in a new place will be quick.

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