Lipstick Tricks Every Woman Needs To Know!

Women and lipsticks are like rain and soothing music; they both go along so well that we always imagined together. Well, women have a completely different love story when it comes to lipstick and every woman out there has its own choice and preference when it comes to the type, shade, and use of lipstick. But it doesn’t matter whether you love matte lipstick or cream lipstick, making the lipstick last long is the aim of all the women out there. 

Making lipsticks last longer than usual relies on preparation, application, and the formula that lasts from brunch to bar without getting smudged. So, here are some of the best tips that you can use for making your lipstick last longer than usual. 

In the buff

If you want to scrub the lips with 100% perfection then you need to start using the new lip scrubs that are easily available in the market. The new lip scrubs might look like a lip balm but these sticks serve multiple purposes. They can act both as a conditioner and a lip exfoliator at the same time. 

You just need to massage the lips with these sticks in a circular motion as this can help you in getting rid of the dry patches on lips without any irritation. This is what people call lip buffing. The stickers used for lip buffing contain vitamin E and coconut as well and therefore they make your lips softer as well. 

Go back to the basics

If you want your lip color to pop then you should apply a concealer all over your lips in the form of a base. This helps in getting rid of any type of natural pink tone that affects the actual shade of the lipstick. This is the simplest method of making your lip pop without burning a hole in your pocket while buying luxury lipsticks. 

This basic practice also helps in making the lips appear true to tone but it gives the natural pigments something to hold on and thus your lipstick is going to last longer than you expectation. Instead of a concealer as a base, you can also use foundation. 

Start using lip liner 

If you want your lipstick to give the best result then you should never skip using a lip liner. They are the best cosmetic product available in the market for defining, lining, and filling your lips with the favorite shade of lipstick. Just pick a shade that matches your lipstick. 

You just need to start by drawing an X on the center of your lips. After that, all that you need to do is continue tracing the outline of your lip shape and then finally, shade the lips in. This makes the lipstick look bolder and it also helps the lipstick to stay at its place instead of smudging all over the mouth. In addition to this, lip liners also help the natural pigments to hold the lipstick. 

Search for the right formula 

When it comes to applying lipstick then everyone has their own formula and it is necessary to find what suits you best. From picking the right type of lipstick to deciding on the step-by-step process of applying the lipstick, everything is going to affect the longevity of your lipstick. 

Lipsticks are the most important part of makeup carried by a woman and therefore, you should always look for ways to make the lipstick last longer than usual. The tips mentioned in this blog post are not only easy to implement but are nourishing for the natural pigments as well.

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