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Lifestyle – Brief Description Of Lifestyle

Lifestyle is people’s personality, behavior, way of living, character etc. In a word, how does a person live is Express his Lifestyle? Alfred Adler introduces the term of Lifestyle. He defines the Lifestyle in his book named ‘The Mistry of Miss R’ he wrote that “a person fundamental character as build up in childhood”. Lifestyle is a summation of many types of things. It also depends on where people live, their daily cuisines, their weather etc.

Depends: Lifestyle depends on many types of things like,

Culture: the culture and the Lifestyle different from each other. People think that culture and Lifestyle are the same. Cultural is peoples thought, customs, practices. At the same time, Lifestyle means the way of living. People can change the culture, but people can’t easily change their Lifestyle. But on the Lifestyle, there is the role of culture.

Town and Country: Lifestyle depends on people living cause, there is a huge difference between Town and Country living people. There is more space in the country than in City because of less population and buildings. The country has a cleaner air density; country people do less crime than City people. It’s easy to find organic food. All of these has taken a great part in life.

On the other hand, cities also have some good things to live a better life. There is a huge career opportunity; people can switch job as they want. They also have cheaper public transportation.

 That all things differentiate City people to country people.

Behavior: It is also a part of Lifestyle. a polite, friendly person can behave calmly in any situation, but a rude person can’ t takes the pressure. So people can understand which Lifestyle is better.

Fitness: everyone should take care of fitness. A fit person can participate in any sports when they need to refresh themselves. An unfit person sleeps more to refresh themselves. Which Lifestyle is better can easily be guessed by people. 

Conclusion: Lifestyle is one personal way of living. If people need a unique Healthy Lifestyle, they should work on it from the blossom.

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