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Let’s do it at home: Pairing an oversized old jacket with a skirt.

In today’s world of conscious consumption, especially in these days of curfews, instead of buying new things, let’s try to restore old things and make them more stylish. BURO. The Russian branch of the magazine, a graduate of the Parsons School, 0.5design. Project initiator Olga Singh shared her experience and showed how to combine an old jacket with a skirt.

Things you’ll need:

  • Jacket
  • Scissors
  • in a hurry
  • needle and thread

In general, there are many ways to update the design of the jacket. Jackets can be transformed into coats, skirts, vests and even evening dresses. This time we decided to choose the easiest and fastest way and split it in half.

  1. Put on your jacket and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Place the jacket on the table and crochet the bottom edge. These allow the material to move evenly and evenly.
  3. Pin the cutting area along the width of the additional needles where the crochet is marked. Next, fold the jacket in half and make sure the seams on both sides match
  4. But now it’s time to cut!
  5. You cantry on the bottom of the jacket and make it into a short skirt or an attractive corset. In our case, the jacket was long enough that it was possible to make a skirt at the bottom.
  6. Use acrochet hook to measure the bottom while you are wearing it. It is recommended to measure several times before cutting. 
  7. Cut off excess material outside the markings and sew the remaining material inwards by hand or by machine.
  8. Make the button part into the skirt’s front, sew a secret seam inside and fill in the gaps between the buttons.
  9. Theupper part of the jacket is sewn with secret stitches, first marking the edges with needles.
  10. Make sure the skirt and jacket edges are sewn evenly, and if sewn clean enough, your creation is ready.

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