Learn How to Grow Your Brand Values using Proven Influencer Strategies

For many marketers, influencer marketing is seen as a crucial way to get to the target audience.

Hiring influencers helps marketers to promote the brand indirectly without being pushy.

People generally see influencers as peers and friends- their recommendations are seen to be honest, and trustworthy. No wonder brands are ditching the traditional form of marketing to now focus on influencer marketing.

Here are some ways brands use influencer marketing to increase brand value

Grow website traffic

A great way to increase the number of genuine leads is by getting influencers to put your link in their post. They can either explain what your business does or could recommend your service to these followers. Whichever way you choose, you could get a lot of traffic to your website. Many of these may be genuine leads. This is especially true for various niche-based brands like those in the tours and travels sector, professional services, or healthcare services.                                                                 

Make your influencers affiliates

To motivate them to earn more, you could get your influencer to become an affiliate. You will need to give them a special link and promo code which they will use in their posts. When anyone purchases with this promo code, the influencer will get a commission. To earn more, the influencer could post multiple times about your brand, giving it an additional dose of brand recognition.

Use their testimonials

Another great way you can improve brand value is to get your influencer to write you a review. When they review your brand, it carries a lot of weight as they are seen as an important authority in their niche. Alternatively, you can also show the influencer’s review or post of your product as a testimonial, this can help improve your brand’s trust value.

Boost social media influence

Social media influencers take great pains to keep their audiences engaged and interested in their posts. If and when they decide to sponsor your product, they will go all out to ensure the post looks as natural as possible while adding your social media handles. This will help build your brand’s own social media presence while also getting you a load of followers from those of your influencer.

There is no doubt that influencer marketing is one of the best ways to market your products to the target audience. For marketers who are new to this, finding the right influencer can be a tough task as he needs to be the right fit for your brand, he has to personify the brand. For example, a health freak cannot be used to sponsor a fast-food restaurant chain. If you really want to promote a fast-food restaurant, you can do so with bloggers, vloggers, or online influencers who post about travel and tourism and local how-to guides.

Influencer marketing is a subtle way marketers can promote their products without spending a bomb on advertisements on TV, radio, magazines, or newspapers. As the followers trust their influencers, this is a great medium to promote products that solve various challenges that people face daily. Influencer marketing is also great to promote products or services that are heavier on the pocket, such as cars, expensive electronics and software. Influencers can get better and genuine leads for these services.

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