Kitchen Tips and Equipment

Preparing food should be enjoyable and result in delicious meals. A problem for many people is they are not familiar with real food preparation, or don’t have the right tools to make the work easy. While there’s nothing like experience, jump right in.

Here are some helpful tips. A well-stocked kitchen also contains various hand utensils, electric items and other gadgets to accomplish interesting things. For example, a simple spiral vegetable slicer can create long thin “spaghetti-like” pieces of raw zucchini.

Here are the tips

Top it with a beef and tomato sauce for a delicious Italian meal. Other useful utensils include a mandolin slicer, glass bowls for mixing and storing, wooden cutting boards, high-quality knives, a garlic press, a grater (including a fine one for fresh ginger), a citrus peel slicer, and a small hand citrus juicer for use in recipes.

In addition, the two most frequently used appliances in my kitchen are a food processor (I have a Cuisinart but any good brand will work) and a very good blender (I have a Vita-Mix). If you’re buying organic meat in bulk, a grinder (to make fresh ground meat) and/or a slicer is very useful.

Glass and heavy-duty stainless steel pots and pans provide the cookware. Avoid all aluminum, copper and non-stick products due to the potential for food contamination. Iron cookware is also good except avoid using high-acid foods in them, including tomato and vinegar.

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