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KBC Lottery

KBC Head Office Number (Kaun Banega Crorepati)

You receive frequent fake calls from the KBC lottery nowadays. The mobile plenty of rip-offs are the goal of practically every fraudster for economically innocent folks. Cash is needed in the scammer. They refer to the KBC head office officer in conjunction with an SMS. We recommend you do not answer such calls or text messages. To avoid such a scam, you might phone the KBC headquarters. And check your name on the 2021 KBC winners list. Call us and acquire your good lottery number if you are not in the lottery. You can check the KBC Head Office Number for all details on the KBC Lots Winner 2021.

KBC Head Office Customer Care Center:

In our headquarters, we have established a customer support center that will help you towards KBC. KBC has also purchased a set of mobile operators’ partnerships in India. KBC signs and acquires your data with these companies. KBC KBC Customer Care Center builds a lineup that in each state they send to your mobile number is working on this development phase. Repeat your title and ID numbers if you’re hungry, and if you’re a champion, the star will send you some orders to get your award. You can call the KBC head office number Mumbai/Kolkata.

KBC Lottery Head Office 

The tax amount ratio, which Indian Tax Law implements, you can also ensure. You have to repay the tax department around 32% of the winning award according to tax legislation. Would you please visit our official webpage to learn more about KBC News and answer your query?

Every organization, as you know, has its support desk and people to deal with applications and complaints. Kaun Banega Millionaire has a strong staff branch that can deal with the challenges he faces. Would you please call our hotline or email us to resolve any problems? Continue on the 12 KBC season for further instructions.

The lucky winner’s list is the winner’s list with proof below if you’d want to make KBC online. Here is also an online list of winners for the KBC Lucky Draw. 2021 List is below today’s online KBC lottery Winners. We are providing many new winners with biodata.

The 2021 season 12 season for 2021 of KBC WhatsApp winners list will be updated daily, with over 1000 new KBC Lottery winners online. Contact us to be one of them. We provide you with winning ideas every day online for the KBC Lottery. See the new online list of KBC lottery winners 2021 for your prize money 2021. If you have your name on this list, you are the winner of 25 lakh cash prizes.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2021

KBC Lottery won by Mr. Ajay Kakarwar on 25 May 2021

KBC Lottery Winner on 05 May 2021 Mr. Jayshree Bass 25.00,000

KBC Lottery on 25 May 2021 is winning Mr. Raj Kumar

KBC Lottery’s winner on 25 May 2021 is Sunil Gupta

KBC Lottery Winner of Sanjay Mena 25.00,000 on 05 May 2021

On 05 May 2021, Mr. Sikindra Sahani won 25,00,000 KBC Lottery

On 25 May 2021, Mr. Priyag Kumar will be the 20th KBC Lottery winner

On 05 May 2021, on Mr. Ranjana Aurora, Mr. Bikash Verma 25.00,000 KBC Lottery Winner won KBC Lottery on 25 May 2021.

25 lakh 2021 KBC lottery winners

Today, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the KBC Lottery 2021 is replaced by fresh and simple options. You needn’t register for piece 2021 of the KBC Lottery now. We currently have several KBC shipments relating to all SIM carriers. Decide on +19188444470 at KBC headquarters directly.

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