KBC Frauds And Preventive Measures

A scam or trust tactic is an attempt to deceive a person or a group to gain their trust.

KBC Main Scams

The fraudsters on WhatsApp send voice and video messages to confirmed that you had won the Prize, after the participation in  KBC Lucky Draw. The scammer advised that you want to first pay a sure refundable quantity before the processing.

Once the sufferer deposits that cash, they begin worrying extra on one pretext or another. The fraudsters insist on speaking simplest through WhatsApp and any other social media platform. They inspire the sufferer to deposit cash in numerous financial institution debts. The whole fraud is going on for numerous weeks or even months for so long as they are able to maintain. Causing the sufferer to deposit cash. 

Finally, whilst the sufferer begins off evolved insisting on getting the cash or refuses to pay extra. They forestall calling him/her and alternate the WhatsApp numbers that had been getting used withinside the fraud.

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Beware of scammers

If you get a name or a textual content from an unknown variety telling you which you have gained a fortunate appeal to KBC. If you need any help take it now no longer take it seriously. There had been numerous times wherein fraudsters have made calls thru WhatsApp or have despatched texts promising humans a danger at KBC. Congratulating them for prevailing a lot of cash, or even promising a assembly with Amitabh Bachchan. 

After the Delhi Police’s Cyber ​​Crime department posted a message on Twitter, many users posted rumours that they had received additional letters. 

Scams from India and other states

If the amount is small, then the county sheriff holds the money. In latest research, It is founded that there are dedicated workers for the fraud, all over the world. Several frauds from India as well as the other Asian Countries.

Regarding the incident, A police Officer investigated these scams and arrested three people from Bihar in March who released a gang from Najafgarh for forty-five million Indian rupees earned by scamming the innocent people. He complains that this gang first of all got the WhatsApp name and then got all the documents of the target person. Blackmailing is also a part of this scam. He investigated the situation and found that it was deposited in several loan companies. 

In July, a resident of Chandigarh turned out to be the victim of 24,000 Rupess of frauds “online” scams on texts related to the KBC lottery. Not to mention, there are scammers who still claim to be their friends and relatives. Hacker are the main scammers. It was reported in August, a medical student was accused of fooled. He lost his five million on registration of signing up for this type of event.

Whenever you received the message. Don’t jump to a conclusion that you have hit the jackpot, this may just be a scam. The urban centre Police’s Cyber Crime Cell jointly tweeted regarding this on every week and has asked the Village people to exercise cautions. 

Preventive Measures 

These are all the preventive measures that help you to stay alert about scams.

  • If you had received any message of winning a lottery or a prize. Don’t believe all these messages, voice notes and videos to be real. These schemes are usually the traps of the scammers.
  • A better examine of such messages can display bad drafting and and symptoms that the message is not genuine.
  • These frauds make the most your greed. You overlook to require foundation precautions respect discussing with own circle of relatives members.
  • In any actual lottery or prize, the tax detail and opportunity prices are lower from the award. Consequently the winner receives the subtracted amount from the original amount. Hence update yourself with the information. 
  • The officials of KBC lottery didn’t ask for payment in advance. If you are asked from scammers to pay the prices in advance to result in the intended lottery cash. So, this must result in a scam.
  • Take the help of police and any experience person might help you t keep yourself away from scammers.

These are all the preventive measures you had to follow to avoid scams. Share this information to your beloved.

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