Jura E8 Review: Versatile Super-Automatic Coffee Machine.

The perfect coffee machine.

A good coffee machine makes all the difference when you seek out a good cup of coffee to start up your day.

The Jura E8 machine is one of the best you can get for your home. It gives outstanding customization, as well as easy ownership, or at least that is what Jura promises you, but is it really the case? We will give you a quick review, so you can make a fast and speedy decision if this is the machine for you.

In our Jura E8 coffee machine review, we will give you all the basics, no waffle, no excessive information, just telling you, a coffee lover, exactly what you need to know.


Let’s start with the basics. First, note that the drinks this machine makes are extremely customizable, so you can have your perfect, dream coffee with ease. It also provides easy cleaning as each cycle is automated, so cleaning this machine is so much easier than with most others. Let’s not forget its sleek design, however, on the downside, while it is sleek, the design is prone to picking up fingerprints.

It is one of the most desired coffee machines in the history of Jura, they have given it easier user usage and upgraded the design in recent years, so it is a sought-after member of their lineup.

The design.

The design is a big part of what people go for with a coffee machine, people want something that looks good in their kitchen, something that is not an eyesore.

It is a glossed deep black, with chrome sides, that has a chrome double-outlet espresso spout. Although the chrome sides are very attractive, this is the part that catches fingerprints easily.

One of the best parts of it is how it shows an LCD on top display with all the varying drink options and multiple settings. However, if you do not take to the touch screen well, just use the 6 physical buttons which relate to the on-screen alternatives.

It is an average size at 11(W) x 13.6 (H)x 17.5(D) This means it will probably fit fairly well beneath any countertops, and it is narrow, so it should fit into those tight spaces in your home.

It has a 64 ounce water reservoir, a 10 ounce bean hopper, with a grounds’ container that only needs emptying after you have made 16 drinks.

A good brew.

The brewing system of this coffee maker is unique and high-tech. It starts off with an “intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System”, which gives dosage dependent pre-infusion. Measuring the amount of coffee required for your drink and dispensing an adequate serving of water in turn.  Then it begins the extraction process, this is when you hear the humming from the water pump. This does mean you may have a longer wait as it brews, but it produces a noticeably different coffee than machines without this system.

This machine is only a single thermoblock heater system machine, which means that going between brewing a coffee and steaming takes more time, and means you may have a higher chance of inconsistency in temperatures. This is the only real downfall of this machine, and many would like to see it having dual heaters at the price for which it is sold.

Perhaps this is something that Jura will look at introducing in the future.

Quality and versatility.

Despite the lack of a second heater, the Jura E8 machine provides precise and speedy automatic coffee brews. This includes cappuccino, ristretto, coffee, espresso, latte, and flat whites. If you want a milk-less beverage, then press the brew button two times, and you will get a double. When having milk-based beverages, the E8 will froth and steam milk with the simplest push of the button, and dispense hot water so you can have Americano’s or for a hot cup of tea.

Each of these many modes are all customizable, and if you have a double setting, then this will imitate whatever settings you pick to make a single. You also get 8  different settings for coffee strength to decide between, ranging from 5 grams for those to enjoy the taste more, all the way up to 16 grams for that kick that wakes you up in the morning.

Similar machines usually stop at a typical 10 gram amount, so this is actually quite high and an ideal machine for those who absolutely need that coffee to wake them up for the day. The customizable settings of this coffee machine mean that you can control temperature, and the volume of a shot or milk, so you can have your coffee exactly how you like it.

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