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Do you dream of buying a new car? Maybe a house or just want nothing to deny yourself? A lot of people believe that you can make big money in Saudi Arabia, namely in the Medina. We know for sure, that you must be thinking: “Uh, no, it’s too expensive and too complicated. I don’t think what will come of it”. Or you have been thinking about it for a long time, but you still don’t have the courage, because this is an important step and for the majority the whole world is turned upside down.

Well, let’s make it simple and clear. Everything changes, world is developing with the development and growth of mankind. It is quite logical that everything is not so difficulty as each of us imagines. The world provides us with new opportunities, countries progress and also provide us with a bunch of ways to evolve, both personally and financially.

There is an excellent instance. Jobs Medina oh introduce you a great number of vacancies, thanks to which you can get nice results in your personally and financially evolve. You could also earn money for your dream, whether it is a trendy gadget or a state-of-the-art car. The possibilities are endless, if you start with the smallest and believe in your success.

Also, it is no need to go straight to the Medina and look for work on the spot without housing and an exact plan. You have the opportunity to prepare everything in advance thanks to online resources.

Let’s go straight to some suggestions.

          Welding technician.

We are urgently required in welding technician in Saudi Arabia in Medina on competitive wages $1000+. Salary is paid every two weeks. We need physically fit to handle the duties employee, a person who knows basic English with 2 to 5 years’ experience in. Job Description: hiring in maximum of 2 weeks, accommodation, transportation, duty meal, pay on time.

There are also many employees that are looking for welding technician, you can choose any of them due to your own liking and requests that you can fulfill.


We are urgently hiring for Driver in Medina on a competitive salary AED 3,000 – 3,500. It is paid every two weeks. If you are punctual, with a basic English and with work experience up to 1 year- welcome! We will be happy to have you!  Job Description: full time sharing accommodation, transportation, duty meal, pay on time.

As you may notice almost every employee provides you with good facilities, which is also a huge plus.


We urgently need plumber in Saudi Arabia in Medina for a decent salary AED 3,000 – 3,500, salary is paid every two weeks. Job Description: temporary shared accommodation in fully equipped townhouse, transportation, meals at the hotel, medical insurance.

          Labor .

A decent salary start from 1,200 to 1,500. Salary is paid once or twice a month.  We are looking for person, that has an attention to detail, handyman fluent English with work experience. Conditions: contract accommodation, transportation, duty meal, medical insurance.

What a great chance to start! Choose jobs in Medina and you will not regret!

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