HE IS BACK IN FULL EFFECT!! WE WERE WAITING LONG ENOUGH FOR A ALBUM!!! The new album comes with 15 SOLID tracks. YUNGWORLD JUAN is bringing the street Hussle lifestyles to the truth. With teaming up along together with his partners Jordan and Steve, who are “LEGAL HUSSLE”! For now, they put together an album, not simply the streets, but something for all and sundry is on this album. We reached out to Yungworld JUAN for an interview, but we are still prepared to pay attention again! Make positive you men are tuned in!!! His success is genuinely some issue watch!!!


The successful formula for making Music Content is like organizing a band. “Orchestra” must have a conductor to control. This will allow the Music Content to be made to reflect the brand. It must consist of five key elements as follows:

Tune: Pitching to Brand Element

Tune the sound to match the Brand Character Tune the sound to match the branding characteristics of the product to be the same tone. so as not to distort and not spoil the Brand Character.

Voice: Sing along Preference

cry out It must be level with the ears of the target consumer. You have to see what kind of music he wants to listen to because Gen X, Gen Y, or Gen Z don’t listen to the same thing. How to understand Listen and be satisfied with the content that he wants to receive.

Instrument: Appropriate Platforms

The selection of musical instruments correctly and appropriately, which may be a guitar or a piano as a tool. Or media platforms, where Gen X groups may still like to watch TV, listen to the radio, Gen Z groups may use digital media a lot. or present in Live format, which the selected tool must satisfy the target audience And yes what he likes.

Lyrics: Inspiring Brand Story

The lyrics to be told, which is Brand Story or Story Telling, must be used by the message you want to tell. can tell precisely what he wants.

Hall: Memorable Live Experience

There must be space or a field for him to have an authentic experience. Especially in the issue of Branding 4.0, it doesn’t end with just the online stuff. But also real offline experience. Shared experiences create a total experience that is the same on every platform or touchpoint.

In the future, we will see brands in Live, not just setting up booths in front of the show and or just being labeled as Sponsorship because it can do a lot more in terms of music marketing.

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