iTop VPN in 2021

VPN stands for a virtual private network that can hide your IP address and encrypt all your data traffic. iTop VPN is a very fast VPN provider that encrypts data by using military-grade protection. It even allows the user to browse any website in the world without any restrictions. The geo-restrictions led by the government can even also be broken down by using a free VPN.

Advantages and important features of iTop VPN are

1. Unlimited bandwidth

The unlimited bandwidth and faster speed provided by the best free VPN for Windows make it super fantastic for its users. It offers high speed without any restrictions on bandwidth or in other words, no policy lowers your internet speed while using the VPN after you attain the maximum speed.

2. No logging policy

No logging policy helps the VPN in not recording the data and taking the user’s identity away from the vault. There is no risk of leaking your privacy while using the service providers. iTop VPN does not sell your data, does not track it, and even does not store it a little bit.

3. Military-grade protection

The military-grade encryption technique by free VPN for Windows is another great feature that is best in its class. It guarantees privacy protection for anyone and anywhere. It hides the actual location and gives the false URL that prevents your online activities, streaming, browsing, online payments, and gaming from being exposed to other authorities or hackers.

4. Access to geo-restricted content

It also has a coverage of servers All around the world that let most of the users use it without spending much time waiting for the internet. All the popular locations contain a server that helps in building up the speed and unlocking the geographically locked content. If a certain site is not available in your area and you want to access it, then you may easily have a look at it while using iTop VPN-based server.

Three different types of connection modes

iTop VPN offers three connection modes for its users for experiencing better

1. The safeguard mode- It enables the user to give the safest surfing experience.

2. The balanced mode- It offers the client a combination of both flexibility and speed.

3. The game mode- It allows to get the super-fast speed with the lowest ping so that the gaming and streaming content gets super interesting.

This is the best service provider for the internet all around the world for free VPN. iTop VPN is 24/7 available in support of solving all your inquiries and to make your trust build-in in its usage. Its support team has always support and solved all the inquiries.

Final words

iTop VPN is the best network provider All around the world and gives proper definition and meets the common requirements for a person using VPN. You may easily access the blocked websites, stream without any pricing and get unlimited bandwidth. The military-grade protection and encryption of the data have proven its ability to keep its customer happy.

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