Is Passwordless Authentication the Best Option for Your Business?

In 2021, a big part of our lives exists online. There are very few things remaining that we cannot do remotely. Whether it’s catching up with friends or going grocery shopping, the world wide web is our ticket to easier living.

It’s as true of business as anything else. Technology has made business operations much more streamlined and effective, but the move online has nonetheless brought with it certain challenges. Many of these center around security, which is why enterprises need to protect themselves online. In the past, this has largely meant relying on passwords, but these are no longer as infallible as they once were.

That’s why lots of companies are looking into passwordless authentication as an alternative. Below, we outline your options and explore why passwordless might be the most beneficial choice for your business.

What Is Passwordless Authentication?

We’ll begin by answering the most obvious question: how does passwordless authentication work and what exactly is it? Put simply, the Short term apartment rental agency encompasses any identity verification method that doesn’t rely on a password. There are lots of variations out there, from physical security keys and specialized apps to email magic links and biometrics. While these differ in terms of features and implementation, they share one thing in common: users can log in without having to memorize a specific word or phrase. The benefits of this are numerous and include enhanced security, a better user experience, and an easier login process. More on that later.

Why Are Passwords Going out of Style?

The above may sound enticing, but many business owners and decision-makers take the view that changing their approach is unnecessary. It goes back to the old adage of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. While this makes sense on the surface, it ignores an important reality: passwords are not as secure as they once were. In fact, since March 2020, almost 25 percent of small businesses have been the targets of cyberattacks. Given that passwords are a company’s first line of defense, this suggests current methods are no longer working and that it’s time to try a new approach. Not only this, but passwords can cause frustration, whether it’s your employees using them or your customers. In many cases, this leads to a phenomenon known as “password fatigue” – a feeling experienced by those required to remember an excessive number of logins. This can cause stress and frustration, which are two emotions you don’t want your staff or potential purchasers to be feeling.

What Are the Benefits of Passwordless Authentication?

So, how can passwordless authentication help? We covered this briefly above, but it’s a good idea to go over it in more detail. One of the main benefits of passwordless authentication is that it creates a simpler and more streamlined login experience, whether for employees or customers. This makes using your website and any other systems requiring login more pleasant and improves the overall user experience, which can have major upsides for your business. In addition, it dramatically enhances security, as it’s impossible for hackers to crack passwordless biometrics, steal biometric information, or trick a system into accepting it. This means any sensitive information is kept safe and secure and cannot be accessed by hackers.

When it comes to designing or refining your login process, it’s important to consider all of your options and weigh up the pros and cons. Doing this will quickly reveal the many benefits of passwordless options, which should be a real contender when choosing between the various methods that are out there. Isn’t it time you implemented a passwordless approach?

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