Is Beauty Therapist Job a Well-recognized and Well-paying One?

Many people confuse a Trademark Beauty therapist with a cosmetologist, but there is a considerable difference between the two. A cosmetologist is professionally responsible for conducting medical procedures to enhance the beauty of a person. On the other hand, a beauty therapist is someone you meet at a salon or beauty centre that specialises in external beauty treatments like facial hair removal, eyebrows and give long and short term advice to take care of the skin.

To become a certified beauty therapist, one needs to complete various beauty therapy courses or gain significant experience in the field. If you want to get an overview of how you can get the job of a beauty therapist, here is everything you need to know about it.

How can you become a beauty therapist?

There are several ways you can explore to get into this job role. The few known methods to make it to a beauty therapist are:

  • Do a college degree course.
  • Do a speciality course from a private and recognised institution.
  • Assist and work under the supervision of a professional to get to the goal.
  • Or an apprenticeship

In colleges, you can find level 2 or level 3 beauty therapy diploma courses that will train you for getting the job. However, there are specific criteria of grades that you need to qualify to make it through the entry-level.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a beauty therapist?

To get clarity about the job responsibilities of a beauty therapist, you need to remember that it has got nothing to do with medical treatment. The only therapies and procedures that a beauty therapist is responsible for are the ones that are customised to fit every individual’s needs. Trademark Beauty is a good beauty tools for beauty

It is the duty of the beauty therapist to examine the skin of a client and suggest appropriate treatment plans to improve their skin quality. The key responsibilities of a beauty therapist include the following.

  1. Offer treatment to remove any facial or body hair.
  2. Conduct manicure and pedicure procedures.
  3. Give body massage and face massage to relax the muscles.
  4. Help clients to pick the right makeup products after examining their skin conditions.
  5. Keeping the beauty centre clean and hygienic for entertaining clients and conducting safe procedures.
  6. Suggest skin treatment to get rejuvenated skin.
  7. Sanitizing all tool for next client’s procedure
  8. Maintaining appointments and updating customers with new skin treatments and offers.

What is the growth opportunity as a beauty therapist?

If you start your career as a trainee for becoming a beauty therapist, you have a long way to go. There is a lot of scope in the beauty industry. Over the years, you will get the opportunity to become a salon manager, or even become self-independent to run your own personal salon. If you attain knowledge about making skin care and beauty products, you can even launch your own brand of beauty products.

How much does a beauty therapist earn annually?

The rates of beauty services in every country differ. If you specifically talk about how much a beauty therapist earns in Australia, then it is approximately $29 per hour and $56,500 annually. The earnings vary depending on the level of your experience. A highly experienced beauty therapist can earn up to $70,000 annually.

So, if you desire to be a beauty therapist, you must enquire about beauty therapy courses in Australia, and give your best shot to make it through. There are both private and government owned institutes where you will find level 2, level 3 courses that will prepare you for the job.

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