Is Azure a Good Stream to Work?

Do you hear everyone praising Microsoft Azure? It’s because Azure has become highly popular among learners and companies worldwide. Numerous users are continuously joining Microsoft Azure, making it one of the best cloud platforms out there. Also, you will find thousands of professionals getting trained in Azure and changing their trajectory to become cloud architects, engineers, and whatnot.

After reading so many informative facts about Microsoft Azure, you might be intrigued to get trained in the domain and pursue a highly-paid career. But, you might be facing a dilemma at the same time. While you are still in the planning phase, second thoughts are likely to confuse you and demotivate you from learning Azure and becoming a cloud professional.

Are you worried if Azure is an excellent stream to work? You’ve visited the right website if that’s the case. We are here to address all your Azure-related concerns and give you rock-solid reasons to make an informed decision about understanding the platform or pursuing the prestigious Azure Architect Certification.

So, without delaying further, let’s dive into the article.

What Exactly is Microsoft Azure?

Before answering your mainframe question, let’s spare some time to understand the meaning of Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a Public Cloud Computing (PCC) platform that came into existence in 2010. It offers computing, analytics, storage, and networking, as well as other cloud services. Customers can choose from these services to build and grow new apps or operate existing apps in the cloud.

Customers who subscribe to Azure get access to all of the services available through the Azure interface. These services allow subscribers to create cloud-based resources such as databases and virtual machines (VMs).

Now, let’s quickly walk through various Azure components. Here’s the ultimate list.

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Database
  • Identity Management and Security
  • Web and Mobile Services
  • Workflows
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Integration Services
  • Monitoring

With that, we are all set to move to the next section.

Microsoft Azure: The Present Job Landscape

Microsoft Azure is one of the most looked-upon career pathways these days. So, looking at the relevant job landscape might help you make the best decision.

The Microsoft Azure market is flourishing at a healthy rate of 51% every year. Now, the entire Azure industry has crossed the milestone of $19.6 billion in revenue.

At present, the Internet is overwhelmed with numerous Azure jobs in all locations. LinkedIn shows over 8,000 Azure job listings in India, 149,000 in the USA, and 17,000 posts for the UK. So, you can understand the surge for Azure professionals worldwide.

Now, let’s look at the salaries offered to Azure professionals in different countries.

The average annual salary for Microsoft Azure skills at various locations will blow your mind. Have a look!

  • India : INR 1,000,000
  • USA: $97,000
  • UK: £44,000
  • Australia: AU$101,000
  • Netherlands: €54,000
  • Canada: C$85,000

These income statistics might have inspired you to pursue a career in the domain. However, it would help if you considered more factors before making a decision.

What are the Perks of Learning Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an in-demand pathway among learners. What makes it so favorable? Here are the compelling reasons. Check out!

1. Most Flexible Career

Microsoft Azure lets you build a flexible career. You can join a leading company as an engineer and become an architect in the future. Indeed, it is one of the highly elastic opportunities for learners.

2. Lucrative Salaries

As you already saw, Microsoft Azure offers lucrative packages to professionals and numerous other incentives. Besides huge joining bonuses and entry-level salaries, you can get handsome income boosts and growth prospects with Microsoft Azure skills.

3. Rapid Learning

Azure has an interactive interface that requires a minimum learning curve. You can rapidly understand Microsoft Azure and build the concepts in a short span. Also, preparing for relevant certifications is not a challenge. You can find numerous free and paid online resources to help you understand all terminologies and crack the exams effortlessly.

4. Use Existing Tools

You don’t have to learn excess technologies, programming languages, and frameworks to use Microsoft Azure. You can use the existing knowledge to develop various products on the cloud that you have built on your personal computers.

5. Ever-Growing Professional Demand

The Azure professionals never go out of demand. They are enjoying the best days in the industry, and an even better future is waiting ahead. So, it’s the best time to learn Microsoft Azure and join renowned companies. Besides, you can never have enough of the salary increments in the domain.

6. Demand in All Industries

Some of you might wish to work for industries other than IT. Good news for you! As all sectors leverage Microsoft Azure nowadays, there’s an ever-growing demand for skilled professionals across verticals.

So, you can switch your horizon and join different industries according to your convenience and interest at any point in time.

Hopefully, these points have explained to you the reasoning behind pursuing a career in Microsoft Azure domain. Now, let’s consider another essential aspect before deciding if Azure is a beneficial stream or not.

Microsoft Azure: Discussing the Future

The future of Microsoft Azure is bright. As digitization will catch more speed, more enterprises will need to migrate to the cloud platforms.

Since Microsoft backs Azure, it will register massive traffic in the future. More customers will join the platform and tremendously use Microsoft Azure for corporate operations.

What’s the impact? The Azure professionals will see immense industry demand like never before. They will find more job opportunities, better salaries, higher bonuses, and whatnot. Also, handling so many customers, infrastructure, and architectures will make you highly adventurous and support your personal development.

The Bottom Line

After discussing so much about Microsoft Azure, we are all set to return to the mainframe question.

Is Azure an excellent stream to work? Hell, yes!

Azure can help you become a well-paid professional working in a reputed company in a short span. Also, it will support your growth and assist in becoming successful in your career. Cheers to your bright future!

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