Investing in the Stock Market: What You Need to Know First

Stock trading is a popular way to make money. If you do your research and invest wisely, you can increase your wealth over time. But before you dive in head first, be sure to read this beginner’s guide to stock trading. It will teach you the basics of how stocks work and what is involved in buying and selling them successfully. You’ll also learn about different types of shares available for trade and how to pick the right ones for your goals. In addition, you’ll find out about taxes and other costs associated with investing. Now that you know more about stocks and stock trading, it’s t

What is stock trading?

Stock trading is where you use your own money to buy shares of stock. You can buy shares of stock in a company directly or through an online brokerage account. For example, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur who wants to launch a new business. You can purchase stock directly from the company you plan to do business with or through a brokerage firm. Companies often offer lower initial stock prices to help potential investors get comfortable. After you decide you want to invest in stocks, you’ll need to choose which type of company you want to buy shares of. There are five main categories in which stocks are typically traded, as described below.

How to buy stocks

Buying stocks involves placing a small initial deposit in a brokerage account, or opening a new one, in exchange for the stock. Then you can trade in the stocks as soon as you feel they are worth a higher price. The more money you deposit, the higher the price of the stock. And the better the price will rise. Just make sure the trading commission fee you pay is acceptable. Don’t be lured by flashy ad campaigns or crazy promotions. Instead, stick with the pros that make stocks seem like a sure bet. If the price of the stock you want to buy gets low enough, you can sell your position to buy more, or wait for a better price. In the early days, this might seem like a winning strategy, but as the market grows in popularity, many stock buyers lose money while other stocks soar.

What are the different types of shares?

There are two main types of share that you can purchase in the market. These are share certificates and ordinary shares. Share certificates are owned by a company, rather than a person. They represent a debt or ownership in a company. You have the right to use them as payment for goods and services made by the company. A fixed value in the share price is linked to this debt. The share price has an intrinsic value, which is the amount the company is actually worth. Ordinary shares, on the other hand, are a legal form of ownership in a company. Ordinary shares come with no rights, and they’re not linked to any kind of debt. You can use them for investment purposes. The company can make them available to you to purchase and sell them.

Where can you trade stocks?

Most online brokerages offer trading platforms and automated trading services. For instance, Charles Schwab offers its discount brokerage services through its Sharebuilder program. It gives you access to trading in stocks, ETFs, and options, as well as a few mutual funds and fixed income investment accounts. Also, you can access other discount brokerage services offered by TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, and TradeKing. It can be overwhelming with all the options available, so be sure to read our top stock trading tips before making your choice. Of course, if you prefer to work with a human broker, you can always use an online broker like TD Ameritrade. It allows you to trade stock and ETFs on your own, and it also offers access to additional services.

Taxes and other costs associated with investing

Much like other financial decisions, you want to make the most of every dollar you put into the stock market. It’s therefore a good idea to look into investing in stocks from the start. The good news is that you can save money on your taxes when you invest in shares, whether you’re an individual or a business. And, most shares are available for sale in large numbers in the U.S. and U.K., meaning that many companies are always actively on the lookout for potential investors. In addition, with limited-time and monthly share sales, you’ll be able to find the exact shares you want at the best possible price. Free trading For those new to stock trading, it’s important to know that it’s possible to do all of your purchases and trades for free.


If you’ve been considering investing in stocks, you may be tempted to jump right in. But, before you do, read this guide so you understand the basics. You’ll find it helpful when you are ready to buy and sell stocks. And if you want a more in-depth discussion of the stock market, you can read the Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks or download The Stock Market for Dummies. More From Our Smart Money Squad The Best Stocks Under $10 to Buy for 2017 This article originally appeared on our sister site, YourMoney that serves as a top to bottom guide to financial literacy.

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