If cement bars and bricks comprise the skeleton of a house, then the walls and tiles give shape to the house! When building a dream home, it is only natural for one to wish for the best interiors. The best interiors are often provided by top-quality tiles and walls that determine the climate of the home! Also, you can prefer printed kitchen splashbacks that makes your kitchen modern.

Walls and flooring become vital even in commercial settings. Restaurants, offices and other corporate offices choose these components after considering the vibe. From acoustic tiles in Melbourne to laminate flooring in Sydney, Australia houses many different interior accessories that one can choose from. The construction industry in Australia is quite popular as reports show that it contributes to 7% of Australia’s GDP! The tiles market alone amounts to almost $633 billion!

Why do we even need flooring and walling?

While interior design is commonly believed to comprise furniture and decorative lights, flooring and walling are often undermined as they are seen as inherent in the plan. But floors carry paramount importance. They are placed underfoot and take up the most space in real estate plans. Furthermore, they decide the look of the room. If one needs to charge things up, then one needs to change the flooring! Also, Coving is one of the most common types of cornicing, often less elaborate in style.

These two elements make or break one’s interior and help bind all the other accessories placed within the room.

Types of flooring

Floors add to the vibe one wants the room to represent. If the vibe is classy, one might opt for marble flooring; if the vibe is modern, one might opt for laminate flooring. Australian flooring sale services that offer everything from hybrid to laminate flooring in Sydney, Brisbane and other localities strictly follow the Australian standards AS 1884-2014 for laying floors.

Since floors decide the house’s durability, they differ mainly on the material used during manufacturing. There are several options that one can choose from:

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  • Laminate Flooring: Laminate floors are a recent favourite that gives any room an instant modern makeover! These floors mimic how wooden floors look and feel. But the advantage is in their affordability. These tiles are priced very sustainably and can even be installed by the customers. Laminate floors also have AC4 Australian-standard graded surfaces that make them anti-stain and easy to clean!
  • Marble Flooring: Marble floors are a classic. They lend to the rooms a classy, Victorian elegance like no other. The floors are porous and are made of quickly manageable marble. Although a general worry with marble floors is staining, today, the market offers several floor types with an anti-stain coating that one can opt for.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl floors are the perfect buy if one wants aesthetics that are affordable. Many corporate office refurbishments perth in cities like Sydney and Perth utilise vinyl floors to provide a professional finish. Vinyl floors often make the rooms look warmer and cosy due to their hardwood finish. Unlike marble or laminate floors with a glossy finish, vinyl floors have a matte finish that adds to their charm.

Types of Walls

If floors form the base support of a building, then the walls enclose it to give it body. Walls have two parts: interior and exterior. Interior walls are what one sees within their rooms, whereas; the exterior walls are embedded within the structure during construction. These walls are sturdier and mostly cement-based to add strength to the framework.

Interior walls are the ones that come with embedded patterns and decors to add to the oomph. Typically, these walls are made of steel panels, terracotta or even plasterboard. But externally, they are transformed with paints, murals and other wall decors.

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