Instructions to download games which are restricted by countries without “Fake IP” or “VPN”!

It is not too strange that some applications or game titles are “hot hits” in the world but are limited in some countries on Google Play. Currently, there are many ways to download those blocked games or applications. However, most of them use fake IP or VPN tricks with limited download speed. In the article below, I will guide you how to download the latest, with extremely fast speed and completely free.

Advantages of this new way of downloading: 

  • Direct link of downloading from Google Play with no worry about viruses or malicious code for your devices;
  • Availability of APK files of Android apps and games restricted in 247 countries worldwide;
  • Faster speed than traditional ways like fake IP or VPN;
  • Top priority in terms of security for users.

This is the product developed by a group of famous Vietnamese programmers.

Instructions to download games and applications restricted on Google Play:

Step 1: On your Android phone, access the following link:

Step 2: Now you will see the main home of our website  In the “By Country” section, choose the country you want to download (the country whose game application you want to download is not blocked).

For example: In 2019, when you wanted to download the Premium Pes 2019 Guide Top game that was blocked in Vietnam, you could choose Australia to download it.

Step 3: In the “Keyword” box, enter the name of the game or application you want to download then click on 🔍 icon right next to it to confirm or just press “enter”.
For example, enter Premium Pes 2019 Guide Top.

Step 4: Immediately, the application will be displayed.
Now, just click on the application then choose the “Download APK Now” button and wait a moment for the download process to complete.
Next, you can install and enjoy the apps/games!

Google Play is a rich treasure containing more than 1 million games & apps for Android phones, but sometimes you can’t download some apps because they are not supported in some countries.

You can also use the old method with the Az VPN application to deceive as if you are in another country such as Singapore, America, Canada, etc to download the application that is restricted in any other country. This way is quite easy, but the speed is very slow.

Above are some methods to help you download country-restricted apps/games on Google Play. Very simple, right? Good luck and don’t forget to share them with your friends!


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