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Innovative Web Development Trends for 2022

Do you assess your business website annually? The digital world constantly changes, therefore, you need to make sure you adapt your website from time to time. After all, you want to ensure it is up to date with the growing trends and enhances user experience.

2022 has just started and we have already seen many web development trends carry over from the previous year, while many new ones are in the works. Changes in development are normal, as technology advances so do websites. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we highlight the innovative web development trends for 2022.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

PWA mix the best of both worlds of application and website. The development trend uses features from both to create a website that is fast and responsive while also offering features such as push notification and geolocation APIs. We will get into APIs in our next development trend.

PWAs are network-independent, therefore, can be accessed even if the user is disconnected from their network. They also increase customer engagement because the site is more interactive and user-friendly than basic ones.

API focused development

Web development companies in Dubai usually think about the products and services, developing the website solely around it. However, with the Internet of Things, websites, devices, and technology, in general, is far more connected. Therefore, your development should start with API.

API stands for application programming interface, a code that enables software applications to engage with one another. It essentially enhances the user interface of a website, allowing visitors to access data and information in a better way. It also gives developers a chance to add external applications and products that improve the performance and functionality of the website. Most web interfaces and software tools require API for seamless integration, therefore, it is a must for websites today.

With API-focused development, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Website adaptability to growing development trends
  • Reduced expenses on development
  • Better client experience
  • Quicker turnaround time on web development changes

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI technology has evolved drastically in the past decade and is used to produce automated robots and self-driving cars. Businesses have started to use it on websites also.

AI transforms how your website operates and make it more accessible. It essentially:

  • Improves data compliance: AI enhances your data tracking system and can help protect your consumer data. Visitors value trust when they visit a website and enter their details, AI helps your site ensure that.
  • Makes personalized recommendations: AI enables your website to make a personalized recommendation to customers, enhancing their experience on your website. From offering products specific to them to sending out emails with promotions designed for specific users. AI can change the way your site interacts with visitors for the better.
  • Makes websites more accessible: AI makes the website more accessible for the visual and hearing impaired. It offers features such as audio reading, video transcription, and captioning so that everyone can easily get the information they need on your website.
  • Provides instant customer service: Chatbots are all the rave and only possible due to AI. You no longer need a sales rep. to constantly answer visitors’ questions, a chatbot will provide real-time responses to all the queries.

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness has been a trend for a decade and will continue to be for years to come. Site visitors expect to have the same, if not better, experience on mobile devices that they have on a desktop. That is because they are more likely to access it on a mobile device than a PC.

Therefore, websites need to be designed with a mobile-first approach. It is easy for it to translate to a desktop rather than the other way around. This will improve your website’s performance on search engines, provide faster load time, and improve user experience.

Final thought

As 2022 goes on, you can expect there to be more developments in the world of web development. As a business, you need to stay in touch with the trends, to ensure your website is in line with them. Only then can you be certain that your website is engaging, secure, and offers visitors the best possible experience.

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