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Important Facts About Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley is an American fashion designer based in the Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. She has co-authored several books and is a judge on HGTV’s Stars program. Listed below are some of the most important facts about this designer. Read on for more information! Cynthia Rowley is a mother of two, co-author of several books, and a judge on HGTV’s Stars.

Cynthia Rowley is an American fashion designer

Based in New York City, Cynthia Rowley is an American fashion designer. Her fashion lines are sold at Macy’s, Target, and seven other stores worldwide. Born in Illinois, Rowley studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She earned her undergraduate degree and her first collection was purchased while she was still in college. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City and received the 2012 Legend of Fashion Award.

While many fashion designers try to be trendy and cutting-edge, Rowley does not take her clothes seriously. Instead, she believes that style does not necessarily come with a price tag. Her clothes are inexpensive and distinctive without being too ostentatious. In the mid-1990s, her sales doubled in three years. In addition to making her own clothing lines, Rowley is also known for collaborating with other designers to create collaborations with them. Learn About fashion designer Ulla Johnson.

She is a mother of two

The successful fashion designer and author Cynthia Rowley has two children. She lives in New York City with her husband, Bill Powers, and their daughters, Kit Keenan and Gigi Powers. She enjoys traveling and has visited Egypt, West Africa, and Puerto Rico. In addition to her fashion line, Rowley has written several books and has a thriving lifestyle blog. This is just a sampling of the books she has written.

The mother of two is also a podcast host and a celebrity stylist. Rowley and her daughter, Kit Keenan, recently started an ageless podcast to talk about motherhood and style. The two women share their own perspectives on a variety of topics including motherhood, wellness, and body image. The age difference is actually a benefit in that it allows them to pair women of all ages with each other.

She has co-written several books

Cynthia Rowley is the author of five books, including the best-selling Swell series. Her latest book features original drawings and photographs. She has two daughters and is married to Bill Powers, who co-owns Half Gallery in the Lower East Side and judges Bravo’s Work of Art. She has also collaborated with artists including Nick Cave, Will Cotton, Olaf Breuning, and Ryan McNamaramara.

In addition to being a fashion designer and author, Cynthia Rowley has appeared on numerous TV shows as a guest and judge. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show, The Today Show, The Good Day Show, and numerous other shows in the United States. She has also co-written several books, including the New York Times bestsellers, The Best of Cynthia Rowley, and “Winning the Love Game.”

She is a judge on HGTV Stars

The HGTV Stars competition has a new judge. Cynthia Rowley is replacing Martha McCully, who was the judge for the first seven seasons. Cynthia Rowley will be the judge for the eighth season. Other judges on the show are Candice Olson and Genevieve Gorder. The show’s producers are not known for being overly biased, but this doesn’t mean Cynthia Rowley isn’t a great judge.

The show is not the only place for Rowley to judge. She has also appeared on the Project Runway and 24 Hour Catwalk shows. As a judge, Rowley has the power to determine the winner and loser. She also has a strong opinion on each contestant’s placement. The show follows her personal life. When she is not working, she lives in New York City.

She is a collector of contemporary art

Known for her love of contemporary art, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley is a collector herself. She has collaborated with artists including Will Cotton, Olaf Breuning and Ryan McNamara. Rowley has also founded an online art site, Exhibition A, which sells original, limited edition prints by contemporary artists. She also plans to expand her business to other home furnishing categories, including lighting and draperies.


A passionate collector of contemporary art, Cynthia Rowley studied fashion and fine arts in Chicago. With this background, she has a keen eye for commercial potential. Her personal collections include works by prominent contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. She is also interested in painting, sculpture and photography, which she has collected since the 1970s. She currently lives in New York. Here click to know brand byredo.

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