Importance of NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry in Hindi

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was established in 1961 by the Government of India’s Ministry of Education. The autonomous council was instituted with the motive of creating a uniform pattern of school education throughout the country. NCERT gave in an entire decade of the 1970s for the curriculum creation and laid down a National Curriculum Framework for the schools in 2005 in such a manner that ventures beyond notebooks by linking knowledge to the real world where we dwell in. It attempts at erasing rote learning and enhances the critical thinking of the students which helps them in their board exams. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has always prescribed NCERT books for all CBSE students. It is known that NCERT books are the most crucial and important references for students attempting to write the board exams. The NCERT books are available to students in both Hindi as well as English languages. Today we will look at the importance of NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry in Hindi. Chemistry refers to the deeper understanding of chemical reactions and the theories behind these reactions. Given below are the reasons why you must refer to Class 12 Chemistry NCERT books:

  • NCERT books for class 12 Chemistry aim to provide students with quality problems through different formats. The questions available in these books are divided into various levels of difficulty. There are various question banks available such as Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Long Answer Questions that will help students to understand the syllabus better.
  • NCERT publishes books that conspicuously adhere to the CBSE curriculum and guidelines for standards I to XII. There are a total of 16 chapters and 2 model question papers available in CBSE class 12 Chemistry books. The books adopt an easy linguistic explanation of the toughest concepts to enable the students to get hemp.
  • Leafing through the initial few pages of NCERT textbooks can assure the reader about the authenticity of the information it carries, as the Text Development Committee comprises intellectual people who hold expertise in their respective subjects and tend to delve deeper into extensive research and comprehensive analysis of any particular topic. These books provide facts, lay focus on explaining them, instantiate them through necessary examples and make room for the students to form their understanding.
  • Apart from providing an in-depth understanding of the fundamental issues, the books also offer opportunities to the students to test their capacity, both theoretically and practically.  
  • At the end of every chapter, it not only provides questions that compel the students to think, but also a set of activities that can be easily performed to acquaint them with its real-world nuances. This helps prevent the students from mugging up their subjects. Solving these questions will help class 12 Chemistry students to nurture their skills.
  • To improvise the learning skills and problem-solving capacity of the students, NCERT has also developed excellent sums in science and mathematics for classes 9th to 12th, which are known as ‘Exemplar Problems’. These help the students in mastering the basic techniques of solving complex and twisted problems, which again renders the board exams easier for them. A detailed explanation of problems are provided to make students understand the concepts thoroughly.
  • NCERT books for class 12 Chemistry help students to gain a strong basic foundation. Students can look at the Class 11 Chemistry exemplar classes to understand the basics of class 12 chemistry. Since the basic concepts are explained in the class 11 book, students will be able to understand all the important topics and concepts. Hence, if students solve both the books simultaneously then they will be able to strengthen their understanding of the concepts and topics.
  • Cartoonist explanations, tabulated specifications, and categorization of the explanation of extensive topics as answers to a series of significant questions make the NCERT textbooks all the more extraordinary especially for the students who sit for their board exams. Moreover, these textbooks also enumerate the reference books for the students to plunge into deeper research and detailed evaluation.
  • CBSE Board always prepares the question papers for the 10th and 12th board exams based on the contents of NCERT textbooks. Therefore, careful engagement with the book makes the student eligible for scoring very good marks in the board exams. The students, thus, do not require to digress and while away their precious time in additional books. 
  • As practice is deemed to pave the path towards perfection, so is also the apparent belief of the NCERT books, which provide extra questions and past year papers for practice. The NCERT books, thus, become crucial for the CBSE students. By solving these question papers students will be able to understand the difficulty level of the questions that can be asked during the board examinations. 
  • NCERT books for class 12 chemistry fills in as an ideal practice book for students battling with Chemistry. The books are important since it contains various significant and interactive questions that will help students to prepare for the board examinations. The questions even help students to prepare for any competitive exams that will come through their way in the future. Apart from this, NCERT books for Class 12 Chemistry helps students to work on their weak points and strengthen their strong parts. Hence, students can evaluate themselves by working out on these issues consistently and fostering their critical thinking abilities for impending assessments.

These are just a few important points as to why NCERT books for Class 12 chemistry are needed by students to prepare for their board examinations. Students who prefer to study in Hindi can access the NCERT book for the same language. Hence, with the accurate resources, students will be able to ace their board examinations. Remember, Chemistry is not only about solving problems but also about learning and understanding the theoretical framework of the subject. So with NCERT books, students will be able to do well in their board exams.

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