Impact of technology on research for dissertation

Research for dissertation is a long process. Students spend many days to collect the required data that they need for their dissertation. Technology plays a vital role in this whole process. Students rely heavily on technology and precisely on the use of internet for their dissertation work.

Following are mentioned a few ways in which technology has an impact on research for dissertation:

1. Saves a lot of time

In today’s modern world, every student now has laptops and mobile phones which they carry around with them all the time. And this fact is especially more true about the mobile phones. Smart phones have aided humans in multiple ways and education is no exclusion. All that students have to do is just to type their dissertation topic in their laptop or mobiles which they carry around them almost all the time.

In this way a lot of time can be saved as these devices are readily available to students all the time. Internet now even provides the facility of academic services. You can ask them that do my dissertation and they will do it for you at reasonable prices.

2. You do not have to worry about going to the library each time

Without technology when a student has to conduct research for dissertation, he relies on library. However, going to the library each time can be quite a hectic thing to do. Each time you need to look for an article for your dissertation you would have to go to the library.

The library card and the fee are other things that you need to take care of. Much of the time can be wasted in travelling too. Additionally, the cost of transportation is also a drawback. Technology removes all of these problems.  You can even pay for assignments to be done and submit it easily.

3. Many things can be downloaded

The greatest benefit of the use of technology in conducting a research is that you can download things. Any article that you feel like can be useful for your dissertation, you can easily download it. In this way, you can easily go back to it and read it when you are free. All the data will be saved in your devices all the time.

4. Easily accessible to all

In the modern world, having a mobile or a laptop is no big deal. These devices are available at very reasonable prices. And some markets even provide these devices at much cheaper rate in second hand condition. Apart from that, the facility of internet is also available around the globe. Hence technology is easily accessible to all. In fact, many people would find it much difficult to access the libraries as compared to these devices.

5. International universities publish their works online too

Another benefit of using technology for the dissertation is that you can get access to international articles too. Of course, while you are in your seminar library, you can have access to only limited articles. These would not include many articles from the different international universities. However, many international universities are now publishing their works online too which students can access.

6. Keywords can be used to search exact results

When you are in the library, you have to manually go through each article. You will not be facilitated in any way, nobody will provide you articles or books related to your topic. You would have to read articles to see whether they are relevant or not. But through the use of technology, you can just type the keywords and can get relevant articles.

7. Some articles are only available online

On the top of that, there are many things that students can only find online. These include many articles too. When you are conducting a research, you need to read extra things too to make your concepts clear too. How can anyone make a good dissertation if he is not clear about his notions?

Through the use of internet, you can look up any question that might come in your mind and thus find relevant articles. Studies have shown that knowledge from reading can add new dimensions to writing (Bereiter and Scardamalia, 1984).

8. Google scholar and Jstor are even recommended by professors

When a student is conducting research for his dissertation, he is always guided by his professors to look for authenticity. Inauthentic works always lead to deduction in grades or even been considered as plagiarism in worst cases.

However, there are sites at internet that are famous for their authenticity. These include the Google Scholar and jstor. Both these sites contain excellent scholarly articles. These sites are even recommended by the professors.

9. Makes data collection less hectic

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task. It requires a lot of time. However, much more time is indeed utilized the process research. You have to read many articles just to gather a few points out of them. Data collection is always the most time-consuming and exhausting part of completing the research (dissertationwritinghelp, 2022).

However, with the use of technology, this task becomes much less hectic. Internet has specific websites for specific disciplines. The experts from each field always make sort of a data base to facilitate their fellow field member. Those websites can be accessed to get subject oriented knowledge. Also through typing specific topics, you will be recommended only relevant articles. In this way, the task of research is made less hectic through the use of technology.

10. Beneficial in understanding the format

When you are assigned to write a dissertation, of course, you are not supposed to write in with hands on your paper. The dissertation has to be typed in computer and that too with a very specific format. When you use technology for your research work, you even get a deeper understanding of the format that you need to use in your actual dissertation.


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