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If you love voice messaging, you’ll love Malayalam Keyboard

I have always been a text person. I could never bring myself to talk to people on the phone. Maybe that was because I was introduced to texting much later in life and I was overwhelmed by it. I knew I was good at writing words, so texting became my comfort zone and I did not try getting out of it. Although I can speak on the phone and don’t hesitate today, there have been many factors that have helped me to get outside my shell. Starting with sending a voice message, I was able to bring myself to face the reality. You can’t type a thousand words and expect people to read it. Only if you connect with them, or say something relatable, they will. If you are the kind of person who loves to speak and voice messaging is your forte, I have the best tool that will help you express yourself better. A keyboard that will cherish this special quality of yours and with which you can make the whole group cheerful.

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Keralites have to lot to speak and they never get out of topic. The keyboard that I was talking about is Bharat AI’s Malayalam keyboard app. So what about this keyboard makes it good for people who love to speak? The answer is – everything. From typing options, speech to text, and stickers, the app is a combination of everything good. Let us start with what you would like best.

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Speech to Text: Sending voice messages on a texting app is one thing, but sending long messages without having to type even a word is a whole new level of technology. The Malayalam keyboard has a speech-to-text function. Select the output language and tap to speak, the keyboard will instantly convert your speech to text. This way you don’t have to type huge texts. The word suggestion and corrections help make the feature efficient. Though I feel you won’t need this feature as you’re a good speaker!

Avatar and Animated Stickers: This keyboard is not all about Malayalam typing, but making your conversations fun and something to look forward to. The Malayalam keyboard app creates your avatars which are customizable too. The avatars are made directly while using the keyboard. Avatars are replaced on Malayalam movie and greeting stickers.

The keyboard also helps you to make Animated stickers or GIFs, This is done by taking a video instead of a photo. These stickers are shareable instantly and can be added to Whatsapp favorites by others too. I had never seen such a fun and amazing feature.

Covid-19 Resources: There are two reasons why there is a need to mention this feature. The first is that it is one of its kind. The Malayalam keyboard app does a very good job of providing links to the vaccination portal and plasma donor database. Also included are regular updates on Covid19 restrictions. The second reason for mentioning this is that since you love to speak, it might be a good deed to give this information to someone in need. It’s better to have the information and not use it rather than having none.

Malayalam and English Keyboard: Manglish – A trending slang used for the intermixing of English and Malayalam speech in today’s youth. This app is also a Manglish keyboard along with having English and Malayalam keyboards. The letters are simply arranged making them convenient to use. The keyboard is also completely customizable. Meaning everything about it can be customized according to the user’s preference. You can decide the Letter-size, the severity of auto-correct, keyboard shortcuts, themes, and much more.

Quotes and Jokes: If you love to speak, you probably must be telling a lot of jokes to people. Sometimes, you might also need to motivate them. Words may come to you easily, but reading makes the process faster. The Malayalam typing keyboard app has hundreds of ready-made jokes and quotes for you to read and share instantly. These are available in Malayalam as well as English. Impress your friends with some wit and humor and be in the spotlight of the group.

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All these features are the reason why I say if the Malayalam Keyboard app is the best typing and voice messaging keyboard on Android. Previously I mentioned that I started with voice messages, and now I can freely talk to people overcall. The reason is my confidence. What I realized is that change is an option, no one can help me grow but myself. And I just started to express myself with the help of this app, and soon knew that people do not judge you. They appreciate efforts, and if they see it in you, then you very well are very on the right path.

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