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I Wish Santa Would Offer Dissertation Writing Help This Christmas!

It is tough to keep up with dissertation writing. This lengthy document of more than 10,000 words is of great importance to a student’s career and therefore needs to be done as perfectly as possible. This is why it is of much more value than any assignment you will do at your university.

Things can get difficult to manage that one can not help but wish that Santa could offer dissertation writing help this Christmas. In this post, you will read about the difficulties students face when it comes to writing dissertations and understand how much do they need a miracle to save them.

Why Is The Dissertation Difficult?

Formulating a Suitable Thesis Statement:

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a phrase that sums up the main point of your dissertation paper. It normally is written down near the end of the introduction. The thesis statement may vary for each type of essay you are writing. But your thesis statement should state the main idea you want to convey through the dissertation. Everything else you write in the essay should relate to this statement.


A student’s thesis statement should be debatable which means that it should be capable of attracting opposing opinions. Your statement should not be highly accepted across the board. For instance “Robberies are bad for the economy” is not a debatable theory because all studies agree that it is true.

A good example of a thesis statement is “Developing countries should use a quarter of their revenue towards fighting crime to improve their economy”.

Students tend to pick broader thesis statements to gather more research but in reality, this makes it difficult for students to find evidence that supports their statement. Narrowing down the statement makes it easier to guard your argument.

An example of a broad thesis statement is “The usage of the internet has led to the rise of crime”. It is hard to decide what to include information due to different types of crime such as cybercrime, human trafficking, gang violence, etc.

A narrow thesis statement should say “Emergence of online dating platforms has led to an increase in frauds amongst the youth

Given this requirement and many more makes it is really difficult to meet with them and students end up producing a bad thesis statement.

Finding Relevant Literature:

What Is Literature Review?

A literature review is a survey of information sources on a particular topic. It gives an overview of present knowledge, allowing you to pinpoint relevant theories, methods, and gaps in the existing studies related to your topic.

This is a lengthy section and takes fifteen to thirteen pages. In the literature review, students tend to make the mistake of using too many direct quotes and writing summaries of short articles. They also express their own opinions which prevent them from showcasing their analytical skills.

Students know that literature review gives them a chance to provide evidence in support of their arguments. It also demonstrates your expertise on the research problems.

The issue that comes here is, unfortunately, not every student has impeccable researching skills, learning this skill takes time – something that the hasty student life lacks. They do not have a lot of knowledge about the sources which should be trusted. This stops them from coming up with relevant information.

If you are an international student then acquiring information through research becomes more difficult as the language barrier may prevent you from understanding the informational material.

While some students use a good range of scholarly sources, assessing them critically is simply not enough. You need to explain how these findings help in answering your research question and what do they teach you about the topic of your dissertation.

Moreover, it is important that you provide citations for whatever material you use in this section which is a whole other struggle. Keeping up with citations format when there is so much information to site is overwhelming and literally makes students ‘cry’.

Finding Data:

Another problem most students have to deal with is selecting the primary and secondary sources to proceed with their dissertation.

What Is Primary Source?

The primary source is any source that gives you direct evidence about the literature and senerios that you are studying. These sources are key factors of your analysis.

Quantitative and qualitative data collection is another crucial task that you have to carry out for your research according to your subject and the topic concerned. Conducting interviews, questioners, surveys, and experiments are some of the basic tools that are required for primary data collection. You can also use official documents or media texts by people directly involved in the topic.

What Is a Secondary Source?

A secondary source is anything that explains, interprets, analyzes, or evaluates information from primary sources. Popular examples include:

  • Books and documentaries that manufacture information on a topic
  • Textbooks and encyclopedia that summarize information
  • Reviews and essays that assess or interpret texts

When a student decides to collect primary data, he/she need to sacrifice their time and money. Not every student is blessed with the luxury of time or money to invest yet it is preferred to collect primary data over secondary data.

Planning and Time Management:

While you may say that universities are considerate to give their students enough time for completing their dissertation, you may be right. To some students, it seems like they have a long time to complete their dissertation so they plan dissertation writing poorly and procrastinate their work.

Before even writing the dissertation students have to write a dissertation proposal for their supervisors’ approval. They also have to submit your first draft and other following outlines to your supervisors, who may request some changes before allowing you to proceed. That is a lot of work and students do not have enough time.

Students are single-handedly managing studies, part-time jobs, bills, shopping, etc. This is why time management becomes a really big issue for students no matter how much time they get, making time for all the activities while doing a lengthy assignment is almost impossible!

Unstable Mental Health:

Academic life is full of ups and downs. With the newfound independence, students do feel happy but their mental health hit new lows as well. On top of that when they are assigned a dissertation which adds up to the mental pressure.

The dissertations are of great importance for the student’s career which is why they can not be taken lightly. The pressure that this document exerts on students makes them feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and whatnot. This is also why dissertation writing is way difficult than any assignment you have to write.


Now that you know what students have to go through when writing their dissertation. As much as you want Santa to come to save you, it can not be denied that his existence is a childhood tale. Luckily, there are academic help services that can help you with your dissertation. These are like Santa’s gifts to you so if you do need help, order dissertation and get time to enjoy the holiday magic

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