I Was Up All Night Praying For Some Dissertation Help As I Was Clueless


Because of my friend’s wedding, I was unable to do my dissertation writing. We hangout, watched movies, spent nights together and etc. I cried a lot at her wedding but it was a happy tears. When I came back from wedding, my phone beeps and one of my friends asked me about DISSERTATION HELP. I got panicked and realized that I did not do my assignment. After wasting a lot of in research and choosing the topic. I finally realized that this is not my cup of tea and I have to do something about it. I called my friends, search on the internet. I saw a website which has good reviews. I messaged them and asked for help. I literally beg them to do my work. And luckily, they did it on time and I submitted my work. The night was miserable for me because I was completely clueless. Nothing was in my hands. But somehow I managed everything and relieved myself from further tension.


Writing a dissertation requires the development of a variety of planning and research abilities that will be incredibly helpful in your future job and within organizations. The dissertation topic and question should be narrow enough that you can gather all of the essential data in a reasonable amount of time, typically six weeks for undergraduate programs. You should also talk about stuff that you are connected with so that you have a frame of reference for your literature search as well as some knowledge and interest in the theory behind your topic.

My teacher gave me dissertation writing and gave half of a month to complete it.  My friend’s wedding was coming in those days. I took it easy and did not focus on my dissertation. I went shopping with her. She is my best friend and I can do anything for her. I was so happy for her. We bought her a bridal dress together and she was looking gorgeous. I was so busy at her wedding and forgot my dissertation assignment. She got married the other day and my eyes were full of tears by looked at her. She was looking incredibly beautiful. No-one can take their eyes off her especially her husband. They both got married happily.

When, I came home at that night. My phone buzzed in and one of my college friends messaged me about dissertation help. I was shocked at that moment. I cannot express how bad I was feeling for myself. It was 11 pm and I was full of tension. I could not figure out what to do or not. Should I message my teacher or not? Will he give me extra time to do it or not? I was full of confusions.

Then, I keep myself calm and decided to open a book for writing a dissertation. I was clueless because it doesn’t really know how to write or what to do at this time. I called my friend and told her situation, she scolded me a lot because of my immature act. I asked her what should I do now?. She told me to do something till morning because we all have to submit work today’s morning.  First, decide your topic then do research about that and start writing. Believe in yourself and start working now.

I took her advice and started searching for an easy topic to cover. This took one hour to choose my topic, because there were many topics. Some of them were seems easy and some of them were not. Finally, after an hour I choose my topic and started research on it. After few hours I realized that it is not my cup of tea. I got panicked because the situation was getting worse and I was feeling so sleepy. My mind was not working. I just felt miserable. I again called my friend for dissertation help but she did not attend my call maybe she slept because it was 2am. Then I got an idea to Buy Dissertation service. I made a coffee to awake myself. My friend recommended me one of the best dissertation writers. I called him but he did not pick up the call. I was about to cry because I was clueless. No one was there to help me out.

Then I searched for DISSERTATION HELP on the internet. Many websites were shown that provide 24/7 services. I clicked one of them which seems attractive and has a good rating. I messaged on that and constantly prayed to get a reply from them. After a few minutes, my phone beeps twice. I felt alive at that moment and screamed loudly with happiness. They asked me which service I want and how much time I have. I beg them to help me because I have to submit it at 9 am. They told me that any service wants 24 hours to complete. I called them on their phone number and told them the situation. I also said that if you want extra pay because of time management I am ready for that also. But please do me a favor. They accepted the offer and asked for 4hours to give my assignment.

After 3-4 hours of tension, I felt relieved. I put off my makeup, changed my clothes. It was 4 am I was too sleepy. I don’t know when I got to sleep. After 3- hours I was awaked by a phone call. They emailed me my dissertation writing and asked me to check it. I was satisfied with their service. Because in a very short time they handover my work. I pay them through credit card. And went to bed for an hour. After reaching college, I submitted my assignment and the teacher really liked it. I must say it was a horrible night for me but somehow I managed everything

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