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Hugh Grant – Biography

Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960 in London. Father – James Murray Grant (1929), captain, educated at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. Mother – Finvola Susan McLean (1933-2001), worked as a school teacher of Latin, French and music. The elder brother is James Grant, a banker.

While studying at school, the future actor was engaged in rugby, cricket and football. After completing his secondary education, Hugh entered New College, Oxford University, intending to become an art critic. There he began to participate in theatrical performances and joined a private student club called the Pierre Gavenston Society.

In his youth, the future artist worked as a toilet washer, a waiter in a popular restaurant, and also delivered expensive cars from a car dealership to customers.

Hugh Grant: “There was a time when I washed toilets in the office of a very large company in London. And by the way, I was good at it. But I hated it. Then he worked as a waiter in a popular restaurant. By the way, he got a good tip, because he skillfully flirted and charmed visitors. ”
The quote is taken from “Moviesda

In 1982, Hugh Grant made his film debut, playing Lord Adrian in the film “Privileged”. After graduating from college, the young actor began to play in the troupe of comedians “Jokers from Norfolk”. Until the end of 1986, Grant worked a lot on television, starred in serials and television films.

The first fame came to the actor in 1987 after the role of Clive Durham in the melodrama “Maurice” directed by James Ivory.

In the same year, on the set of Gonzalo Suarez’s film Rowing with the Wind (released in 1988), Hugh began a long-term affair with his co-star, actress Elizabeth Hurley.

In 1994, Hugh Grant played Charles in the romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral directed by Makitah. This work, awarded with the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (Musical or Comedy), brought the actor worldwide fame and the status of a Hollywood star.

Hugh Grant: “My life has changed incredibly. I’m very, very busy now, I’m not used to working so much. I have to maintain the so-called star status all the time. Who would have known how I hate all this! ”

Meanwhile, in 2000, after 13 years of civil marriage, Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley decided to leave, maintaining friendly relations.

Hugh Grant: “One fine day Liz and I wondered: why for all these years did we never get married, have children? After all, something hindered us from the very beginning … And the further, the more serious this “something” became. And in this case, the best thing is to part. The decision to leave was common. Absolutely 50-50 “.

In November 2011, the Chinese actress Tinglan Hon gave birth to Hugh Grant’s illegitimate daughter Tabitha, and in February 2013 – the illegitimate son Felix. In September 2012, the actor had a son, Hugh Mango John, from an affair with TV producer Anna Elizabeth Eberstein.

Hugh Grant: “I doubt that I will ever dare to try myself as a husband. Yes, I’m not very romantic, but I certainly have a heart. And having children changed my life for the better. ”

In 2012, the artist voiced the role of the pirate captain in the cartoon “Pirates! A gang of losers. ”

During his career, the British actor played in such popular films and TV series as: “Nine Months” (1995), “Notting Hill” (1999), “Bridget Jones’s Diary” (2001), “My Boy” (2002), “Real love “(2003),” Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason “(2004),” Oacian“(2006),” The Morgan Spouses on the Run “(2009),” Out of sight, out of the chart! ” (2007), “Cloud Atlas” (2012), “Revised Version” (2014), “Agents of A.N.K.L.” (2015) et al.

Hugh Grant: “I have long ceased to wait for something else to be seen in me. That is why I do very little films. Although he could not refuse a small role in the new film by Guy Ritchie “Agents of ANKL”.


▪ Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival for Maurice (1987)
▪ Golden Globe Award for Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) for Four Weddings and One Funeral (1995)
▪ BAFTA Best Actor for Four Weddings and a Funeral (1995)
▪ Special London Critics Circle Film Awards for Four Weddings and a Funeral (1995)
▪ Award Golden Camera Best International Actor for My Boy (2003)
▪ Taormina Arte Award at the Taormina IFF (2002)
▪ London Critics Circle Film Awards Best British Actor “for the film” My Boy “(2003)
▪ Cesar Prize (2006)

A family

Civil marriage – Elizabeth Hurley, actress (from 1987 to 2000)
Illegitimate daughter – Tabitha (November 2011), from actress Tinglan Hon
Illegitimate son – Hugh Mango John Grant (September 2012), from TV producer Anna Elizabeth Eberstein
Illegitimate son – Felix (February 2013), by actress Tinglan Hon


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Tinglan Hon, actress
Anna Elizabeth Eberstein, TV producer

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