HUAWEI launches HUAWEI Watch Fit, the latest smart watch

Huawei Consumer Business Group returns to create excitement in the smart watch market again this year. With the launch of the latest smartwatch, HUAWEI Watch Fit, officially at MTM Academy, with the concept “Smart Watch for Everyone” stands out in terms of accuracy in measuring and collecting health data.  Huawei fitness watches for sale is available on our online store. And if you want to buy then click on the highlighted link and visit on our website.

Huawei Watch Fit, a new smart watch alternative from Huawei that is cheap and full of features.

HUAWEI Watch Fit comes with a modern design with a face that is a clear display that provides full details. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Ready to be fully equipped with exercise modes for up to 96 programs and a battery that lasts for 10 days in a row and Huawei’s exclusive fast charging technology.

Lightweight design that is pleasant to the touch Battery lasts longer

The HUAWEI Watch Fit features a vivid 1.64-inch HD AMOLED screen with a resolution of up to 280 x 456, giving you a wider viewing experience than ever. Automatically adjust brightness Even in bright light, it can be seen clearly from every angle, while the smart watch face is Always-On, with up to 6 types that you can choose from a variety of face styles easily meet the needs

  • The smart watch bezel design has a matte finish to match the colorful wristbands with softness. The HUAWEI WATCH FIT brings a premium feel to it while remaining durable. The sophisticated design look is always trendy and fashionable.
  • HUAWEI WATCH FIT is lightweight and thin. By upgrading the performance of the battery to only 21 g, it is ready to be your perfect trainer with you all day. The innovative dual chipset and energy-saving algorithms deliver up to 10 days of use, while fast charging technology supports all-day power in just 5 minutes of charging.
  • You can also customize themes to match your everyday look with variety of watch faces simple, smart or bright and trendy. All this is waiting in the Watch Face Store or adjust your photo taken with a smart phone, you can do it.
  • Let you define your own life you can customize the functions on the smart watch face to instantly select the cool features that interest you, such as the climate heart rate step count battery life and more, giving you the freedom to choose and set in the position you want immediately.

Accurate data tracks for every activity in life. Whether moving, walking, running, or sleeping

HUAWEI Watch Fit meets the everyday use of everyone who wears a smartwatch. Who want to collect health data and exercise statistics Data accuracy is of the utmost importance. HUAWEI Watch Fit is perfect from the basic functions of measuring and collecting data. Since the distance measurement whether it’s counting steps or measuring distance during a run, it’s almost inaccurate. It provides accurate results in analyzing and evaluating user’s personal data. Support both outdoor and indoor uses including detailed sleep data collection when HUAWEI TruSleepTM is enabled. It also pleases women with cycle tracking and notification mode. It makes it easy to plan your lifestyle each month. It can also measure SpO2 that will alert you about the oxygen concentration in the blood.

Clear display with 1.64 inch AMOLED touch screen, HD clarity

With a modern display screen Rounded edge design as thin as 0.95 millimeters and weighing only 21 grams, the HUAWEI Watch Fit is a fashion item that goes with every outfit and every situation whether it’s a casual look or a rather official look. In addition, a 1.64-inch AMOLED touchscreen is also used. The large screen comes with HD clarity with a resolution of 280 x 456 pixels, with the screen being developed in Always On mode anytime Even when the smartwatch is in sleep mode and can also adjust the brightness of the screen automatically according to the light environment see the screen clearly anytime, anywhere.

Choose from up to 96 unique exercise programs, especially with Animated Fitness Coach on screen

The specialty of the HUAWEI Watch Fit is that it offers up to 96 exercise programs to choose from (including 11 basic exercises and up to 85 new custom workouts) when connected to a smartphone. Any brand through the Huawei Health application can choose to fit and firm according to the unique aptitude for each day. Whether it’s running, walking, swimming, yoga, which supports heart rate measurement even underwater calculating calories burned and real-time GPS location comes with a special feature Animated Fitness Coach teaches exercises on the screen closely with the user. By installing up to 12 courses to choose from, you can choose to study freely according to your preferences.

Ready to get fit with a personal trainer

Get fit anytime with HUAWEI WATCH FIT with video demonstration exercises that don’t need to be viewed from another device. This smartwatch is designed for you to exercise immediately according to all 12 animations. 9 can be done at work. Can stretch the whole body with the workout and 44 standard moves, this feature will help you spend your coffee breaks or weekends getting up and running with quality.

Find the right exercise rhythm

With sensor system with a built-in GPS sensor, waterproof 5 ATM, 10 algorithms for AI heart rate monitoring, and the latest in sensor innovation, the HUAWEI WATCH FIT is perfect for all exercises. This smartwatch helps you train better with real-time cadence tracking. The results are evaluated according to science ready to provide expert advice throughout your training.

Exercise partner with health information monitoring system

HUAWEI WATCH FIT can detect from the beginning of exercise. Memorize each type of exercise. With notification and instant follow-up 11 whether you’re running or swimming, you can check the metrics you need professional analysis and scientific advice through HUAWEI Health.

Inspire every minute

HUAWEI WATCH FIT tracks your workout progress throughout the day and gives you periodic reminders. To prevent you from sitting too long the smartwatch will record your steps throughout the day. both during the working and the intervals of moderate to advanced exercise that can be seen from the three colored circles. It’s a goal that you can follow each day.

24 hour heartbeat care

This smartwatch is equipped with HUAWEI TruSeen™ 4.0 sleep quality monitoring technology and real-time heart rate monitoring or even when you are resting It also measures heart rate values ​​that are higher than normal and alerts you to it so that you can continue to improve your health care

Detect blood oxygen saturation Blood oxygen saturation

Very low may result in health problems. Just try wearing the HUAWEI WATCH FIT, the SpO2 value will be detected immediately by the sensor system ready to show accurate results and provide various references so that you can take care of your health in a timely manner

Get ready for a special day

Track your woman’s menstrual cycle and estimate your ovulation date, this smartwatch provides note-based reminders and helps you prepare for the upcoming special day.

Better sleep monitoring

With HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0, an intelligent system that accurately tracks the quality of your sleep. Sleep status logs, analyzes and provides more than 200 15 science-based recommendations to help you better adjust your sleep habits.

Relieve stress together HUAWEI TruRelax™ Technology

And the algorithm can effectively monitor your stress level to process whether you feel stressed or not ready for you to follow breathing exercises to reduce stress.

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