How will today’s jobs be affected by automation?

Much useful has been written about automation and the use of artificial intelligence recently. It is a mixture of a threat image and an opportunity image. A common belief is that low-status professions will disappear while high-status professions such as adviser, lawyer and accountant will survive. Automation will undoubtedly eliminate dangerous, monotonous and costly work tasks but does not necessarily require KI. Already with us and in play is AI in many industries like IT, business, education and learning, marketing and sales, e-Commerce, and
shipping, where workers now enjoy more autonomy in their jobs made easy by such automation.

What is artificial intelligence? At its most advanced, KI performs tasks that are not possible for humans to do. At its simplest, it is not really about artificial intelligence but pre-programmed automatic workflows. KI can be defined as a computer’s ability to perform cognitive tasks that we usually associate with our brain. That is qualities such as interpretation, understanding, action and learning.

We can segment the different types of CI based on how complex they are. Here are three examples:

Robots (bots): The simplest form is to automate processes through robots (or bots as it is now often called). When we mention “robot” here, we do not mean a human-like creature but code on a server. These account for about half of all KI applications globally. This KI type is becoming more advanced due to the emergence of more sophisticated code and integration/data capture from several IT systems.

Cognitive insight: An extra unconventional form of AI implies machine knowledge. The solutions use algorithms to detect patterns in large amounts of data and then interpret the patterns based on the results. A typical application may predict the load in a power grid or what a customer is likely to buy online.

Cognitive engagement: The most advanced form of KI is solutions that create cognitive engagement in customers and employees. In research announced under the Harvard Business Review, this application amounted to approx. 16% of all KI projects. Technologies such as advanced chatbots, intelligent agents and machine learning are used here.

In the rest of this article, I will use automation as a term for all three artificial intelligence categories.

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