How Water can bring Balance and Fluidity to your Business

In any business, nature plays a part in the inspiration of the company name, logo, or products. Out of the various natural elements, none is more important or essential than water. Water is what provides life to the majority of organisms, and can benefit your business through association with its values and importance.

While the notion may sound fantastic, water symbolizes a lot of good in terms of business: transparency, fluidity, and balance are all factors that make up good business, and water is a ready resource that can be promoted via water bottles, customized products, and more!

What does Water Symbolize?

Water is essential to all life, and is the resource that makes up 70% of the earth. Water symbolizes business aspects that include income flow and bounty. In Feng Shui, flowing water is a much sought-after imagery for businesses, as believers see flowing water as a good sign of life and prosperity for any business.

Psychology-wise, water represents purification, as well as stress-free, and transparency. People tend to view water as calming, and are most likely drawn to seas and oceans due to their marine landscapes. Minerals in water are also said to improve mental health, as well as emotional well-being.

Water typically symbolizes transparency, something that consumers actively seek nowadays from the businesses they stay loyal to. Another is balance, which helps in keeping businesses afloat and earning. People literally cannot live without water, and it presents fitting associations for businesses that make use of water for their promotions and effective marketing.

How to Apply Water to my Business?

In business, water can be an effective marketing tool that few companies have yet to utilize. Often overlooked due to its common and abundant nature, water is underrated as a promotional material, yet can greatly benefit any business with its unique marketing strategy.

Through Promotional Products

Water as promotional products are even more effective than umbrellas, note pads, or other promotional materials. Water bottles are often designed with business logos, and are conveniently carried around like walking billboards.

Water is also essential, which makes a holder more likely to take out their water bottles often while they’re outside.

Water bottles are convenient and unique marketing solutions that are affordable but effective in bringing you brand awareness. Having water bottles that bear your brand logo in sporting events, marathons, and in marketing kits can effectively ingrain your brand in the mind of consumers, bringing in more sales to your business.

Through Customized Water Bottles

Customized water bottles, like Crystal Beverage bottles, are meant to be carried around conveniently, bearing the logo of your brand or business. A custom water bottle also shows how well-established your business is, and can be a big perk in restaurants that serve their own water bottles for hygiene purposes.

Through customization, water bottles have also evolved to be eco-friendly, so businesses worried about the environmental impacts of plastic water bottles can swap them out for aluminum bottles instead! Aluminum bottles are uniquely designed, sustainable, and can hold both hot and cold water in its reusable vessel.

Sustainable Water Practices

A business with sustainable operating practices is more likely to gain the attention and sales from the general public than a business that does not make an effort to go green. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the environmental impacts of brands, so switching your business to incorporate sustainable water practices is always a good idea!

How can my Business benefit from Water?

While many businesses don’t realize the impacts of water for their brand, you can take charge and associate your business with flowing water to keep your revenues flowing in as well! Businesses can save up on expensive and inefficient marketing promotions, and utilize one of our natural resources instead: water!

Consumers are 70% more likely to remember your brand if they’ve gotten a practical product from you, while 89% of consumers are more likely to stay loyal to a business with good values and association. It takes 5-7 impressions to get your brand in the minds of consumers, so you’ll want to make sure your first impression is a good one!

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