How to Use Augmented Reality to Streamline Order Picking in Warehouses

There countless applications of augmented reality for various industries and warehouse management and logistics are no exception to that. The area where AR is the most fruitful is item picking. Mobile devices and glasses laced with AR can save a lot of time and reduce human errors. 

Let’s discuss what some other benefits of this technology are and how to use it properly. You may even check these two informative articles about selfservice analytics and software testing for medical devices. 

AR and Item Picking

It won’t be wrong to say that AR has transformed item picking in logistics and warehouses. Your employees face many challenges in item picking including their number, work experience, available square footage area, vertical space and the automated retrieval and storage system. 

Whenever you’re selecting the functionality pack for your AR software, always go for the one that addresses the most urgent challenges your employees currently face. You can always expand the functionalities depending upon the positive results you see.

AR and Navigation

Navigation feature in your AR software is a must if your warehouse is larger than 100,000 sq ft. Even medium sized warehouses can benefit from this feature. Your new employees won’t have any trouble navigating through the warehouse with it. 

The way AR navigation works is quite simple. All that your employees have to do is pick the smart device and select the items that have to pick. The software analyzes the items and then creates the most convenient route for the employee to maneuver through. 

Once the route is created, it then gives you directions via pointing arrows that appears as a virtual layer on the screen. You can even add a voice over with the navigation commands. 

AR and Item Location

Item location is the next logical step after navigation in the AR functionality pack. When the employee successfully arrives at the location of the item the app points towards the item automatically. This step can be the first step in the item picking process if your warehouse is small and doesn’t require navigation instructions.

The handheld device or mobile with the app will point to the area where the right items with the code group are. It will then scan the bar code and identify if it is the indeed the right item, eliminating any error.

AR and Bar Code Reading 

If your warehouse already has a barcode reading system, you can integrate with the AR app. If you don’t have the system, you can get it with the AR app. A software that’s right for you can even turn a smartphone into a barcode reading device. 

AR and Synchronization of Items

When your device completes barcode reading, it pulls in all the information about it by communicating with the integrated system. Therefore, the data is always up-to-date and complete. This feature is useful for verifying that the item’s been picked, auditing and order preparation. 

AR Training

Just like any other sophisticated technology, for using AR app for warehouses your employees must first know how to use it properly. It’d require you to be in continuous cooperation with the developer’s team. 


Reports state that more 20% of the logistics costs are associated with warehouse management. So, if you invest in AR-driven solutions for your warehouse, it will surely bring you benefits. It can make navigation easy, reduce the time used in item search and verification and data collection and uploading it to other integrated solutions. 

You can go for the handheld devices or smart glasses. Whatever you choose, your app will require continuous training to fit into your warehouse management scheme. 

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