How to Treat Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

In this article we are going to talk about some issues faced by some people especially during the night when they sweat a lot and feel very hot too. In scientific terms it is hot flash and night sweats. If you need to find more such details about this check on Rosewellness.

Here we will focus on methods of treatment and some preventive methods.

If someone is instantly feeling very hot or their face becomes very red and is sweating and the exact reason is not known. The reason for having hot flashes is when blood vessels near your skin broaden themselves so as to cool off, which may cause sweating in a person. In some cases the heart beat may increase too. This is also called has hot flash, when this happens when you’re fast asleep during night it is called night sweats. Due to this there are high chances that you may not sleep again or not get enough rest. Face and neck area of that person may become red.

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Some Common Treatment Done For Night Sweat And Hot Flashes

This problem is majorly seen in women, also it is important that you speak with your family doctor or specialist doctor about the below given treatment or medications that are mentioned here which can help you to recover faster.

If it is causing a lot of botheration to you then post your doctor’s advice go for hormone replacement therapy or HRT for some time only depending upon the doctor’s advice. This treatment has worked for many women. In addition to that help cure issues related to menopause, also  including vaginal dryness and mood swing issues too. In some cases if HRT is stopped, the issue may again rise back. This treatment may cause blood clots, gallbladder inflammation or in some cases it might cause endometrial or breast cancer.

If this treatment is not right for you, the doctor may suggest the following options such as low dose of depression drugs which can be fluoxetine, paroxetine or venlafaxine.  They can opt for a blood pressure medicine such as clonidine. An anti-seizure drug such as Gabapentin. As suggested earlier a paroxetine formula especially for the hot flashes doctor may give Brisdelle. Duavee is also designed to treat hot flash; it has a bazedoxifene formula. In some cases B complex vitamins, Vitamin E and ibuprofen may be helpful in the treatment too. 

It is very imperative that all the above medicine should be taken under the guidance of doctor.


Some of the below habits can help you to avoid flashes.

  • Do not take stress
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Smoking and Alcohol
  • Spicy Food
  • Wear loose clothes avoid tight clothing
  • Sleep in room where there is enough ventilation / Fan is a must in that room

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The above article will help people to get an idea about what treatments are available in the market which can help you recover but all of them have been taken under the guidance of specialist doctors only. If a person follows simple living methods mentioned above it would help them to prevent such kind of disease too. 

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