How to Take the CGPSC Mock Test to Grab a Good Score in The Exam?

CGPSC, otherwise known as Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission, conducts the CGPSC exam every year to recruit candidates for different departments, for example, Chief Development Project Officer, State Finance Service Officer, etc. And to clear the CGPSC exam, one must prepare sincerely. The exam is divided into three main parts- Stage 1, Preliminary round consisting of Part 1, General Studies, and Part 2, Aptitude Test with 200 marks each. Stage 2, Mains, consists of seven papers with 200 marks each. And finally, Stage-3, Interview/Personality test carrying 150 marks.

Since CGPSC is not an easy exam to crack, a candidate must understand the syllabus and prepare accordingly. Planning has to be done for intelligent preparation. And that’s where CGPSC mock tests can help you. Once you finish going through the study material and know every topic covered in the examination well enough, attempt as many CGPSC mock tests as you can to gain confidence and be sure about your knowledge. Moreover, mock tests can help you learn about your preparation; for example, you will find out which topics need more practice and which ones you are already well versed in. Make CGPSC mock tests a part of your study routine to clear the exam efficiently.

Here’s how to take CGPSC mock tests to get a good score in the exam:

  • Prepare a Schedule 

A candidate must prepare a schedule because a schedule will help you stay on track, disciplined, and focused. Start by making a list of all the subjects and topics covered in the CGPSC exam. Think about the time left for the exam and likewise allocate time for the syllabus of the CGPSC exam. Think of the mock tests as your main exam and accordingly go about it. Set a timer for the mock tests, just like the main exam. This way, you will create an actual exam-like environment. Even before attempting mock tests, you must study the entire CGPSC exam syllabus. Get your base clear, and then try the mock tests.

  • Prioritize and Focus 

Once you are done preparing a schedule and have covered all the subjects of the CGPSC exam, run through the notes you have prepared. If you are living with family, let your family members know you are giving a mock test so that they don’t come to your room. Focus on your mock test entirely. While giving the mock test, check the questions carefully. Find out which ones you can solve quickly and which ones will take some time. Try and learn from the mock test to understand what else needs to be done. Also, to save time, attempt the questions that you are confident about first, then move ahead with the tough ones.

  • Give Mock Tests Regularly 

Just like you study daily for the CGPSC exam, make it a habit to give mock tests regularly at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Don’t leave things for the last minute because that can cause stress. The more mock tests you attempt, the clearer your doubts will be. That’s why you should give multiple mock tests. Mock tests allow you to have a good understanding of your knowledge. Depending on the score of your mock tests, you can plan for the rest of your study. After analyzing your mock tests, try to figure out the areas you are weak at to devote extra time to them. And keep measuring your improvements.


Mock tests will let you self-analyze. They help you learn from your mistakes. And as said, the more mock tests you give, the more confidence you gain, meaning you reduce the chances of making mistakes. Therefore, once you are done with the mock test, sit back, relax, and focus on the topics you are good or bad at, accordingly. Mock tests are here to help you and not to make you worry; try them. BYJU’S Exam Prep is an excellent place to find CGPSC mock tests. Visit the website and give a mock test.

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