How to Study and Work in New Zealand?

Has it ever crossed your mind to study and work in New Zealand? People end up forgetting that this distant country offers great possibilities for studies and employment. If you’ve always been curious to know what the country is like and what it takes to study and work in New Zealand, check out the tips we’ve separated here in this post!

In order for you to study and work in New Zealand, you must study and work in New Zealand. That way, you will get a student visa that will give you a work permit.

To more objectively clarify any doubts you may have regarding the topic, we have created questions and answers topics below:

Types of study and work exchange courses in New Zealand

In case you are wondering what to study in New Zealand during your study and work exchange, you can go to to search for all courses provided by universities, colleges an schools located in New Zealand. You can view the course’s details, including tuition, duration, campus, faculty, entry requirement, English language requirements and more. By comparing courses, you can easily find the right one to study.

How long is the study and work exchange in New Zealand?

The duration of the program depends on the exchange student’s wishes, with a minimum of 14 weeks. The most popular durations, however, are 21 and 24 weeks, due to the promotions of the schools that pay for this period.

How many hours can I work during the exchange in New Zealand?

While the student is studying, they are allowed to work 20 hours a week. The consulate may give you up to 4 extra weeks (or none) of a vacation visa after completing the course, which the student will not be able to work on, if you are taking a General English course.

However, if the student enrolls in a Diploma course, they can earn up to an extra 1 year of vacation with full time work permit.

How to get a job in New Zealand?

The student is the one who will be responsible for finding their own job. Egali’s Auckland office assists students in creating their resume and offers tips so they can pursue job opportunities offered in the country. The majority of vacancies are in service areas and there are many opportunities, especially in tourism areas in cities such as Queenstown and Auckland.

What is the minimum wage in New Zealand?

The minimum wage in New Zealand per hour is NZ$17.70. Working 4 hours, 5 days a week, at the end of the month you will receive around NZ$1,416.00. This amount is equivalent to approximately R$3,693.20!

Do I need a visa for an exchange in New Zealand?

To study and work in New Zealand you need to stay in New Zealand for at least 14 weeks, then you will need to apply for a student visa.

The New Zealand student visa is applied online, ie it is not necessary to send your passport to the embassy, just send a scanned copy of it along with other documents. As the processes are reviewed by the country office in Washington, USA, all documents must be in English.

Profile of the exchange student seeking to study and work in New Zealand

The exchange student who goes to New Zealand has an independent profile and usually intends to move permanently to the country, a process that is facilitated once the student is already living and working there.

Those who are more concerned about their education are also attracted to the country, as the courses offered are internationally recognized. In addition, the diploma courses open the door to top-quality master’s and doctoral courses and make the student’s permanent stay in the country even easier.

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