How To Remember Formulas Class 12 Maths

Class 12 is one of the most important academic years in a students life since it is the performance of this year that decides the college that a student will get into and eventually the quality of life that the student will lead in the future. Right from the beginning of class 12 the teachers, parents and relatives start putting a lot of pressure on the students. Students are enrolled into various tuitions and coaching classes and are expected to study all the time. Now, with all this existing pressure, if a student also has opted for mathematics as a subject, he/she feels a bit more stressed since it is a subject that requires regular practice. 

Any student, no matter how intelligent they are, has to commit a minimum number of hours for understanding the concepts, practising questions and revising the topics that are already completed. The students might find it difficult to maintain this level of commitment but they must understand that their hard work will definitely pay off when they will see their name on the admission letter from their dream college.

  • Learning how to derive formulas.

Most of the class 12 students would describe maths as a ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ subject, but understanding and learning it the right way will make it seem not so difficult. For this the most important task is to understand the mathematical formulas. Most students make the mistake of not understanding the actual meaning of it and trying to memorise the formula by rote learning. Learning anything this way only increases the chances of forgetting the formulas, especially during the extreme pressure period of those three hours of writing the exam. The most important aspect of understanding and for that matter learning a formula is to know how it was derived. This becomes very helpful because even if a student ends up forgetting a formula, he/she can derive it within a few minutes and end up scoring marks for that particular rather than losing it all in case of typical rote learning. Understanding the laws and theorems used for deriving a formula thoroughly serves as a huge plus point.

  • Making attractive notes 

 Students must always try to make their notes as colorful and attractive as possible because that’s what the human brain likes to see. Using pens and highlighters of different colours have proven to be helpful. Some people also doodle something along with their formula notes which acts as the reference when they later try to remember them. Always maintain a very small notebook that is handy and can be taken anywhere you go. So, this way, even in the smallest free time you get, you can have a glance at the formulas which reduces the chances of forgetting them. Make small notes on sticky notes or small papers and stick them at places where you frequently visit like on the walls of your room, the doors of your cupboards, or even in your bathrooms. Make flashcards for revision.

  • Following a time table

Following a proper time table is very important for preparing for any exam. Include a minimum of 10-15 minutes in a day for revising the formula, ideally right after waking up and just before going back to sleep at night. This really brushes your memory so that you can remember these formulas for a larger period of time.

  • Assigning codes to certain formulas

Often it so happens that a particular formula just does not stick to our minds. If a situation like this occurs, one must try to find some sort of code name for the terms in the code name. For example, for remembering the order of the planets in the solar system the children are taught this particular sentence, “My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nightingale”. Most of the students still haven’t forgotten what this stands for (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) even after so many years. The human brain tends to remember these sorts of interesting sentences better rather than the long and boring formula.

  • Creative ways to learn difficult formulaic 

Another very interesting as well as effective way of learning formulas is by changing the lyrics of your favourite songs and assigning the formula related terms to the tunes of those songs. One can also make rhyme schemes related to the formulas. Associating a  particular formula with a particular food item that you ate while or around the time you learned it or a particular where you learned the formula is also found to be quite helpful. Another simple way is to record yourself saying the formulas and listening to it as and when possible.All these visual and audio aids for learning almost never and these methods are used by the leading coaching and tuition centres in our country also. 

During these times of advancing technology and online classes, the students are also offered attractive powerpoint presentations that present the formulas in a much more digitally attractive way.

  • Testing your memory

It is of chief  importance to make sure whatever you have learnt or understood is retained in your memory for a considerably good period of time and the best way to do this is to recite them in front of another person. Start this by practicing in front of a mirror to gain confidence and then eventually recite them. This method can be taken a step further by teaching someone whatever you have learnt. It is a really good revision practice for as well as beneficial to the person understanding the concept. This method makes sure that whatever you have learnt is engraved on your mind. 

With all these methods, practising questions from NCERT Books for Class 12 Maths is also necessary, because that is how a student learns how to apply these formulas that they have learnt. It is only through practice that a student will gain enough confidence to write the exams without any fear or nervousness.

  • Maintenance of health.

 All of this will take place without any hindrance if the student is healthy and getting a minimum of 8 hours of proper sleep and a well balanced healthy diet containing all the required nutrients.

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