How To Put on Your New Lace Front Wig

It’s understandable if you’re anxious about trying on your new wig for the first time. Is it safe to put it on the right out of the box? Is anyone going to notice that I’m wearing a wig? See here for a step-by-step guide to putting on your first lace front wig. If you want to know more about wig, you could simply contact with Luvmehair and they would provide more advices.

Your Adhesive

First, run a skin sensitivity test to see whether you have an allergic reaction to your adhesive. Start by dabbing a little quantity of glue behind your ear, inside your elbow, or on the wrist. Remove it after approximately 15 minutes. Adhesives can cause discomfort and redness if they’re misused. If you don’t experience any pain, you can proceed.


Preparing your hair for the wig is the next step. You’ll have to flatten your hair because of this. It all depends on how much hair you have and how thick it is. The only way to keep your hairpiece from falling out is to line it with wig glue, which can only be applied to bare scalps. To prepare for your wig, sweep short hair back and away from your face. Pinup long hair with flat pin curls made from portions of it. To avoid lumps and bumps, make sure they’re spread out evenly across your head.

A Wig Cap

If your hair is longer than shoulder-length, a wig cap can help keep it from frizzing and protect your scalp. Wearing a wig cap might make some individuals feel safer when they are out and about, while others prefer to wear their wigs without one. The wig cap acts as a base layer for your wig and lays the groundwork for a stylish look. Hair flattening can be time-consuming and expensive, but wig hats are cheap and convenient. The best way to prevent stray hairs from leaving your wig is to use a high-quality wig cap.

Prepare Your Skin

Using a soft cleaner, focus on your hairline and wash your forehead. After drying, use a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe around the hairline to eliminate any remaining oil. If you have sensitive skin, stick to products you’ve tried before or do a patch test on new ones.

Fit Your Wig

Place your wig on your forehead in the proper orientation after tilting your head slightly forward. Slip the wig on from the front to the back as you don a shower hat. Push the front of the wig back until it is in line with your natural hairline by tilting your head upright. Tuck any stray hairs into your wig to keep them hidden. The wig may be too snug around your head. If your wig slides about on its own when you move your head, it’s probably too loose. The wig’s movable tab may be loosened or tightened to suit your preferences.

Time For Styling

After you’ve put your wig on, you’re ready to start shaping it. Lace front wigs made of high-quality human hair allow you to style your wig to your heart’s desire. Regular brushes and hot styling products like hairdryers, straightening irons, or curling wands can be used to style a natural-looking hair wig. Because synthetic wigs can’t be heat styled, you’ll need to be more careful when styling them. Wide-tooth combs and wig brushes are great for styling your synthetic hair wig. Read more about lace front wigs 

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