How to protect yourself from the elements while camping

Whether you are tent camping or Raving, camping is a great way to spend some time away from home.

Here are some tips to help ensure your next outdoor adventure is a good one.

  • Always bring tarps or tarps with grommets. You can buy tarps at almost any store, but if you are looking for tarps with grommets, try a sporting goods store.
  • If you are tent camping, hang the tarp over the top of your tent. Don’t take it down just yet; you want to leave room to slide the tent under the tarp once you set up your tent. As you look for a tent, you want to find one that will keep the rain and wind out while being low enough to prevent back pain and neck strain. In addition, you want a taller tent that will be sturdy enough to support a person’s weight. Here is a website which gives you the best tent options for making your camping more enjoyable and memorable. You can check this website for buying a tent according to your needs.

  • If you are RV camping, find a good flat spot and use stakes to secure the tarps. If it is windy, use rocks or logs in addition to stakes. This is also where bungee cords can come in handy if one end of the tarps isn’t Grommeted.
  • Once your tarps are secure, slide the tent under the tarps and stake it down as you normally would. You can now use bungee cords to attach tarps to one another or secure tarps to trees, rocks, etc. If there is a difference of temperature between day and night (i.e. tarps are hot during the day and cold at night), always use bungee cords to secure tarps together, not just tarps to trees, etc., so tarps don’t flap in the wind or rip if they slap against something hard.
  • Many people who go out into the woods for camping reasons have their tarps with them, tarps which they use to cover their trucks and cars.
  • This is a good idea – tarps make great covers – but if you tie the corners of your tarp(s) down on the vehicle too tightly, it can cause some major problems after some time has passed.
  • Tight tarps can put pressure on your window seals and bumper seams, not to mention putting pressure on the windshield wipers themselves. If you have tarps covering both sides of your car or truck, this will also cause a problem with visibility.

Don’t let tarps become a nuisance while camping by following these tips:

  • Always buy tarps with grommets so you always have somewhere safe to secure tarps even if you don’t have bungee cords to help.
  • Don’t try to make tarps as tight as possible – this can put a lot of strain on your vehicle and cause damage.
  • If you cover both sides of your car or truck with tarps, be sure there is enough room between them for visibility purposes.
  • Use tarps that are strong but flexible – waterproof tarps work best because they stand up well against the elements without causing too much strain on your vehicle.
  • Learn how to use tarps as part of your outdoor camping knowledge so you can protect yourself as well as your vehicle from the elements


Q: What is the difference between tarps and tarps with grommets?

A: Tarps are used to cover things, whether it is machinery, equipment, cars, trucks, etc.

Tarps with grommets have a small metal ring sewn into one corner of the tarp. They usually also have a hook on the other end that you can use to secure tarps together or hang tarps from trees or rocks.

Grommets make tarps much easier to work with because they give you somewhere safe to tie down tarps as well as something else to attach bungee cords to if needed.

Q: How do I buy tarps?

A: You can find tarps at almost any store. Hardware stores, sporting goods stores, and department stores usually carry tarps in their outdoor/camping section.

Q: Where do I buy tarps with grommets?

A: Tarps with grommets can be difficult to find because many brands of tarps don’t come with them like they used to. They are still available but you may have to search outside of your local area for the best selection if you want tarps that also have grommets. Try a sporting goods store or other specialty store before an online retailer.


Great tarps make great covers, tarps which you can use to cover your vehicles without causing too much strain on them. If tarps with grommets are unavailable in your area for whatever reason, don’t let that stop you from using tarps as covers for your car. Be smart when securing tarps so they don’t cause problems for you.

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