How to Pass an Oral Drug Test?

It’s no secret that drug use is a problem in today’s society. The long arm of the law reaches out to even those who are not yet old enough to vote, with some states now putting convicted minors on their sex offender list for life. Even without formal charges, where you might need the help of a drug lawyer; school administrators can still expel students for possession of drugs, paraphernalia, or alcohol. This is why knowing how to pass an oral drug test has become crucial for many people who want to continue leading fulfilling lives after having made mistakes in their youth.

What is a Mouth Swap Drug Test?

A mouth swab drug test is a type of saliva drug test. It’s easy to administer, inexpensive and it may be the only way to detect marijuana use weeks after ingestion. The person administering the test collects a sample by rubbing a small cotton swab inside the person’s mouth for about 10 seconds. The swabs are then sent to a laboratory for testing. This process can pick up traces of THC up to 7 days after ingestion, even if you don’t have any visible signs of impairment or intoxication! Click through to read more about how long edibles stay in your system.

The Best Way to Pass an Oral Drug Test

The best way to pass an oral drug test is by using mouthwash before taking the test. Mouthwash works by removing THC-rich saliva from your mouth and prevents it from being detected in your saliva during testing time.

Although there are no set standards on how long THC stays in the saliva, there is a consensus that the detection window using an oral drug test is between 4-5 hours. THC is stored in the body’s fatty tissues, where it can remain for days, weeks, or even months after use.

One important consideration when buying a mouthwash would be the concentration of the active ingredients in the mouthwash. This is usually measured in PPM or parts per million, which indicates how much of a chemical can be found in a single liter of solution. Regular mouthwashes have a PPM count that’s too low for them to be effective at cleansing your saliva and preventing THC from being detected. That’s why it is essential to look for mouthwashes with a PPM count higher than 200-300 times baseline, such as those containing alcohol.

Use a Detox Mouthwash for the Best Results

You can use many products to pass an oral drug test, but they don’t all work equally well or have the same THC cleansing capacity. In fact, most online products contain little of the active THC cleansing ingredients, which is why they’re not as effective as using a THC cleanser like Detox Mouthwash. So to pass an oral drug test, we highly recommend using a detox mouthwash for the best results.

Use Detox Mouthwash at least 1-2 hours before you’re scheduled for a drug test. This will give you enough time to rinse out your mouth and prevent THC from being detected in your saliva during testing time.

Special Advice

To maximize the effectiveness of your mouthwash, remember to drink lots of water during the days leading up to the test. This will help dilute toxins in your saliva and make it less detectable by lab technicians.

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