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How To Make Your Twitter Header In 9 Steps

We’ve got a fantastic 10-step tutorial for you to create your own Twitter header image, the picture at the top of your profile page. This is a fantastic way to show your style, create an eye-catching and informative profile, and advertise your projects with ease.

Step 1: Get the right tools!

First, you’ll need some basic requirements:

A copy of any image editing software 

Your images  (an aesthetic Twitter header can be made from pretty much any image) 

Access to Twitter (You don’t need this for creating the header just accessing it)

Step 2:  Choosing your photo

Good profile pictures are close up and brightly lit. It might seem obvious, but if you’re looking for a picture on the web it’s always worth checking to make sure there aren’t any copyright restrictions by right-clicking on the image and selecting ‘properties’. Unfortunately, even with public domain photos, you might find that someone takes exception to your use of their image, so it’s always best to make sure the photo is yours to use.

Once you’ve got your picture ready, save it onto your hard drive (remember where) and open it in whatever program you’re using. The next few steps are all about positioning the picture until you get something like our finished header.

Step 3: Resize your image

The default Twitter banner size is 1500 pixels by 500 pixels, so you may want to resize the canvas of your image editing app accordingly.

Step 4: Positioning

At this point the picture might not be at the right angle, so use any of the transformation tools to rotate, move or scale the image. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge it into place if you don’t have a mouse.

Step 5: Text

You need to consider the font style and font size of the text that goes into your Twitter header. It must be visible to your profile visitors, but at the same time, not eye-straining.

Step 6: Color

Colors may attract or repel your potential clients so you have to choose wisely. You may opt for a black Twitter header for a sleek and professional look, or you may play with bright colors that may exude fun and exciting character.

Step 7: Stripes

You may play more with designs that are available in the Twitter header maker that you’re using by strategically placing stripes to your advantage. A strip of color will give more interest to pertinent information and will make your brand stand out even more. 

Step 8: Save

For this to work well, we’re going to save our file as a .jpeg, but if you’re using other software, you’ll need to save your picture as something different according to what it is – eps or png files might be a better choice if it’s a vector graphic.

Step 9: Upload!

The final step is uploading our picture to Twitter as a header. You can do this by going to Profile > Design > Change header image and clicking on browse next to ‘Upload photo.’ Find your saved file and upload – you should be able to preview what it will look like first if you want to be sure it’s right. Once that’s done click ‘use as header’ and voila! You should have a beautifully branded Twitter page that goes well with the Twitter backgrounds that you choose.

You may want to have it on-brand with your other social media accounts. Head over to Venngage to check out some examples of a YouTube banner template.


Twitter headers are a great way to show personality and creativity. They also have the added benefit of being used in every tweet, so it’s important to make them look good! 

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