How to Make Money Writing Content

Many freelancers pursue careers in creating content. Employers have consistently hunted for experts who might produce creative content that grabs the eye and interest of the people because there is a big need for unique and great content online. The term “content writing” refers to a wide range of word-based material. Each kind has the potential to fulfill a particular function and uniquely advertise the business.

4 Ways To Get Paid For Home-Based Online Writing Jobs 

1. Upwork

Around 12,000,000 freelancers, 5,000,000 customers, and 3,000,000 freelancing job postings are currently found on Upwork. There are many freelance work projects accessible, including blog posts, CV writing, web copywriting, and technical document writing, among other freelance projects that are offered in the industry.

Upwork provides weekly employment. hourly jobs, long-term agreements, project-based payouts, short agreements, and long-term contracts.

The major drawback is that Upwork takes a 20% commission on your first $500 profit from each customer. Additionally, you need to pay up to $0.90 for any project for which you were not particularly requested to submit. Consequently, if you’re getting started, you might need to pay to participate to develop your profile.


Upwork and are comparable in many ways. This implies that you will make an account, search for work, get employed and compensated using this service, and then you have to repeat this process.

There are hundreds of positions available on at one moment, whether you need an hourly or part-time job. Additionally, it has a third “Competition” method in which customers submit their content requirements, freelancers produce the necessary work, and the client selects and pays for their preferred submissions.

The drawbacks here are the costs: after making your initial 8 offers per month, you’ll just have to spend to apply for employment. Additionally, you will be required to pay 10% of any project expenses and hours that you charge them.

3. BloggingPro

The BloggingPro is a free online job platform where you may explore and apply for jobs depending on their nature (content writing, copywriting, etc.) and employment type (full-time, freelancing, etc.).

Although there are other chances as well, it’s important to add to your “to-do list” even if writing isn’t what gets you started. As the name suggests, a lot of the jobs you’ll discover here are tied to writing, but there are also other options.

The drawback is that there is no platform, hence there is no one way to apply or get employed. Additionally, unscreened job postings may have scams.

4. Fiverr

One of the most preferred internet platforms among freelancers and entrepreneurs is Fiverr. Fiverr is not flawless, unlike any other network, and freelancers and company owners will soon discover several benefits and drawbacks when utilizing Fiverr.

Working part-time and engaging on Fiverr freelance projects might earn you a respectable income. When compared to other platforms like Upwork, the rate on Fiverr is quite a bit lower. The majority of the gigs on Fiverr charge $5, but you also paid $1 to use the service. Therefore, you might theoretically make $4 for each gig.

When you use Fiverr’s services, a fee is deducted from your earnings. Fiverr charges $1 from your £5 earnings for the gig. They are taking a 20% share of your money, which is extremely high as they are also charging the client whose job you would do.


Working from home is a great way to supplement your income! If you are looking for other options to get income then can try trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on the platform like Bitcoin Loophole

A laptop and excellent internet connectivity are necessary for users to work from home. The risks are few, and the benefits are endless. If you already have a laptop and access to Wi-Fi, there is no need to invest money. You can use the above platforms to make money by writing online.

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